If a skateboard helmet is dropped once is it a replace job?

Are skateboard helmets the same as bike helmets if you hit your heading while wearing it or drop it once it needs to be replaced? Or are they designed for multiple knocks?

Not sure about technology in helmets these days but those who have worn helmets whom I have known have probably bashed them a couple or more times and kept the same one.

You’re ok for multiple knocks. Motorcycle/cycling helmets are a totally different deal, normally they have to cope with 2 impacts (1 from the car, 1 from you splatting on the pavement).

In 20 years of skateboarding i’ve hit my head once.

But I don’t skate vert so…

never worn a helmet skatebaording but have been snowboarding for 20 years and the general helmet rule of thumb that i stick to with that is replace it when you have had a significant impact in it otherwise they are pretty much good.

ive replaced one due to impact once, when i cracked my napper on a rail and got a concussion, helmet was ok but you could see the impact spot so i replaced it.

every other time ive changed it is because i wanted a new helmet.

if your helmet cant with stand dropping it, unless you dropped it off a cliff, you’ve bought a shit/cheap helmet. if you are going to buy a helmet get a decent one, it protects your brain. drives me mad seeing people snowboard with out a helmet, but thats another topic.

28 years of skating here, hit my head twice. Once 16 years ago and once a month ago. Statistically speaking, I should be fine until 2032 or something.

Same. Only hit head once (got thrown back from a frontside boardslide). Ended up with 7 staples in my head, but that’s the only time in 35ish years of skating. I can live with that.

The time I hit my head I was trying a backlip down a handrail and kicked the board away but landed back on it and zoomed out.

Then an hour later I learned 360 flips but could only do them for a day.

I think the knock to my head did something that unlocked 360 flips for a day.

I do not advise testing this theory.


Hit my head, face first bombing a hill with a backpack full of beer. Knocked a tooth out, popped another one half out that had to be removed, and my jaw still doesn’t shut properly. The backpack full of beer simultaneously swung up, because it was still moving, and smashed me in the back of the head. Bleeding out my ear so I got rushed through A&E, but it was fine. Helmet wouldn’t have made a difference.

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Hit my head hard at a Bones Bolton all nighter in about 2006. Was skating the mini ramp extremely pissed and stoned and fell from the coping to the flat bottom straight to the head, sat on top of the vert for the rest of the night with a concussion smoking biftas whilst kids threw cans at us. Now I am mongo.

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hit my head twice skating, one was in about 2011/2012 and i tried to do a dumb back 180 off a flatbank into some grass, board shot up and pinged me right next to my left eye and if it was a few mm further in it woulda been straight in the eye. went to the walk in centre pissing blood out of my face and they straight up asked “do you need any help”

second time was on a fucking spine, i’ve never been comfortable with spines but one day i started skating the one at Silksworth which is super mellow and got a few tricks on it, went back to my local park where its a 5fter and done it fine. did a few more, dropped in and didnt really feel it but went for it anyway and hung up to flat and hit my side. stayed away from that fucking thing for 2 years, friend roped me into it again, went to rock over and i have no idea what happened but the board basically done the same motion as when people do rock to front smith and i got sent to flat on my head. fuck spines.

I remember going to Brygerriet for a comp, skated myself to death on the practice day and stayed really late. Was trying backlips on a kicker to block but caught my heel going backwards and cracked my head on the floor. Blood everywhere and soaked into my white tshirt and everything. I remember this horrified swedish mother shielding her tiny child from seeing me and saying to her ‘you know skateboarding is great, it doesn’t hurt and it looks a lot worse than it is’ before being hauled into an ambulance to have my head stitched back up. Good times

So in 35 years of skating I’ve split my head open that once (couple stitches, nothing broken and no concussion) and banged it maybe 2-3 times. Never been knocked out. Maybe just been lucky.

Spines are the bane of my existence and they’re everywhere here. Nothing feels safe or comfortable on them, feel like I’m risking my life just rocking over

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Should probably mention, that’s me with my head split open in my Profile Pic. We messed around and took a few photos before the Pompeirs came to take me to hospital.

on a small mellow spine i’ve got a couple tricks like 5050 over both ways, rocks, blunts and some other variations but once it gets a bit bigger the hangup factor puts me the fuck off.

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Love a spine!

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