Im looking for trustees to join me.

So I’ve started an organisation called “Skate of mind; therapy through skateboarding”.

Which is in the infant stage of building awareness of our aims, goals, strategies. Using social media content to discuss and highlight stories regarding ‘The benefits of skateboarding to one’s mental health and social inclusion’.

The seed of this whole organisation was actually a 12 week course concept that I wrote (in my free time) while starting to study psychology, then moving on to my level 2 counselling course.

The course highlights and combines the use of DBT tools in conjunction with the basics of skateboarding

Now, regarding the connection of DBT skills and skateboarding, it is important to note that DBT skills can be applied to various aspects of life, including hobbies and activities like skateboarding. The specific skills taught in DBT, such as mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness, can be utilized by skateboarders to enhance their performance and well-being.

For example, practicing mindfulness can help skateboarders stay present and focused on their movements, improving their overall technique and coordination on the board. Emotion regulation skills can help them manage any feelings of frustration or anxiety that may arise during challenging tricks or competitions. Distress tolerance skills can assist skateboarders in handling setbacks or injuries in a healthier and more constructive way. Additionally, interpersonal effectiveness skills can enhance communication and collaboration with fellow skateboarders or coaches.

Overall, DBT skills can serve as a valuable framework for skateboarders to navigate their sport more effectively, mentally and emotionally. By applying these skills, individuals may find themselves better equipped to handle challenges, enjoy their skateboarding experience, and foster positive relationships within the skateboarding community.

Ive had a great time meeting the next generation of skateboarders, from pros to beginners and discussing how skateboarding has helped their mental health and social inclusion.
Full interviews on our YouTube channel. Thanks to all who get involved, for their time and a fun skate session. I love watching their progression, passion and the community grow. Also thank you to mount hawke for allowing me to use their amazing facilities with welcoming and supportive love.

Lots of great interviews to come; some pros, some amazing charity fundraisers that have skated over 100km for mental health awareness, more little rippers, orignal shredders and out right awesome skateboard and mental health content.

Along with our clothing range that helps us fund all areas of skate of mind; therapy through skateboardings goals, aims and content.

I am reaching out, both to share the aims of Skate of Mind; but to also find fellow skateboarders, supporter’s of skateboarding as well as mental health and those in the industry, to find like minded souls who wish to become part of something positive, impactive and suited to help the skateboarding scene as well as people on an individual basis.

Do check out our youtube, Instagram, tictock. Links below. And if your interested in becoming a trustee or getting involved in any way you can. Please email Anthony Owen

And on Instagram

Also on fb at Skate of mind UK.

Keep pushing, keep smiling, keep skating…
Many thanks for all the support ive received. I truly appreciated every opportunity that skate of mind brings me personal and in time the help we can offer others.

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