Impact shorts

Hi does anyone wear impact shorts, if so any recommendations?
Don’t want to bulky as want to wear under skate pants.
Thinking they might be useful at nearly 50 and starting skateboarding again also thinking they maybe good for my daughter as well

Impact shorts aren’t uncommon at all. I don’t have any recommendations but just to counter 7.75’s post, they’re not a bad idea go seek some out

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I thought the biking clothing was like carbon reinforced backs of leather jackets so your spine doesn’t split when you wrap yourself round a lampost

I reckon it would be better than skating in a spacesuit or a deep sea diving outfit :+1:


You can get Kevlar lined jeans that you can wear instead of leathers… Very good in terms of anti abrasion, but pretty heavy. I tried skating in mine once, but just too too much weight. I think the megaramp people use moto cross gear undeneath, including back protectors etc.

A female friend of mine wears Kevlar underwear/shorts to skate if they’re going for rails and whatnot. Swears by it

Picked up a pair a few years ago for a return to snowboarding after 15 years absent. Definitely gave me the confidence back along with literally saving my ass on multiple occasions and it’s likely at your age you’ll be better off with them. Main skate-related injuries tend to be ankle sprains and wrist breaks though.

“Old man” Paul Free Skate Magazine » Old Man Paul wears them and he gets up from some nasty slams no problem…

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Hi, I use triple 8 bumsavers. Totally worth it once I passed 40. I mainly ride transition so not so bad. They just need a rinse now and again on a low spin cycle + febreeze anti bac spray after every session. Plus the advantage of being able to wear shorts right through winter (with knee gaskets).