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It’s the dodgy mullet neck which bothers me most. But also, yeah same for me about product as well - absolutel state of it. I’ve found when it’s this long and unruly, my hair is ‘better’ after a few days of not washing it.

Found myself rocking a beanie most days just to sort it out.


Really sad news about the discovery of Richard Okorogheye.

At the very least there’s some semblance of closure for his family.

Yeah, I really need a haircut but I’ll be giving it a miss while I can still get away with a beanie for a week or two, the street drunks will just add to the fun and excitement of heading into town now too.

Gone for the grown out look too. Beanies, caps and (apologies) bandanas pushed back like I dunno, an alice band?
It’s a tough sell but Ive been doing it for running and I just carried on.


Barbers opening doesnt make much difference to me as Ive been shaving my head for a few years (choice not balding) but I have taken to opportunity to grow a fucking big lockdown beard which I’m thinking of carrying on with afterwards

You don’t need to be fluent in French to understand this. I’d be absolutely fuming if I was living in France and saw that this was going on seeing as they’re entering yet another lockdown.

The maitre d’ basically says:
Once you come in there’s no more covid. We want people to feel at home

I anticipate (hope) for riots.

Shame too, as if any government ministers have been seen to been attending these events, then that’s a guarantee of a victory for Rassemblement National (far right party) next year.

Im not surprised theyre locking down again, I was in France in July and there was a worrying lack of masks, distancing and people were kissing both cheeks with Gallic abandon.

Id be more surprised if there weren’t identical clubs doing the same in London


I’m reading below at the moment.
Exceedingly prescient re the rise of Front National and MLP - his date for the victorious emergence of an Islamic party in France is 2022 so obviously not on the money but a very interesting and funny (at times) thought experiment re France’s political/demographic future nonetheless.
Highly recommend it.

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Depends on the hair type and local water, but conditioner based on argan oil works wonders. Been tying my hair up more often than not, as when it’s down, I look like Patches O Houlihan from Dodgeball.


Bloody ee oos bloody deal. This is what they wanted.



I don’t understand how some people sleep at night.


It’s mad seeing this unfold in HD. So used to seeing the Troubles filmed on VX from miles away, and now it’s so clean looking.


if you have no morals or empathy like most politicians i imagine it’s quite easy

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Prince Phillip has died

And 6 Music just stopped the music to play the National Anthem. Fuck off.


Even Bowie didn’t get that. Fuck’s sake. 99 year old man who’s led an incredibly privilidged life dies. Cry me a river.


what the actual fuck. playing the national anthem because a Prince died. that’s fucking weird as fuck

Do we get a bank holiday?


Sending my thoughts and prayers to the royal family. Except those SHITS Harry and Meghan.


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