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Did you have an accident at work? Or did your kids get shot at school?

Call Claims Direct.

Queensland Senators response to the atrocities

No words

Really made me angry

Holy fuck. That cannot be real.

Wow, he seems like a bit of a loon.

I thought the same at first but legit news outlets are reporting it

lol that’s quality, love that matey down the shop knows you’re going home for a wank

Seems there’s been a mass shooting closer to home on a tram in Utrecht today.

This is probably the most moronic thing I’ve ever heard regardless how you voted.

Hope noones planning to travel this weekend.

Surely the traffic police will be out in force, handing out fines for dangerous driving?

Would be rad if people could share/support this petition. It would make a lot of people very happy and be a dope step towards positive progress.

Not being an asshole but if you don’t identify as Male or Female then what do you identify as?


I think it’s hard to understand unless you are one.

I think it’s less about a desire to identify as something else, more wanting to not identify as male/female?

Or have a pal. Got a mate who is transitioning from woman to gender neutral. I don’t know much about it, because I don’t really care and I haven’t asked. They’re still the same person and definitely not doing this as some kind of statement, or with any agenda. Just seems to be what they’re about. It’s easy enough getting used to saying ‘they’ instead of ‘she’, but that’s about it.

I got this book in a charity shop a while ago. I thought it was a bit far fetched at first but maybe not now.

There are plenty of twats that just want to be different to everyone else so identify as wolves, mermaids and shit like that. I think that there is an element of this with many people but I do feel that some people genuinely do not feel like a male more than a female or vice versa. I think there is loads of factors genetically, physically, mentally that make up whatever cocktail to make you. Obviously there is the glaring elephant in the room of what you have physically downstairs but in your head it can be very different.
So anyway, it’s complicated because the bullshit just discredits the real but unfortunately, humans do this with everything and spoil progress.

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