Individual Bushings


Does anyone know of anyone selling individual bushings? I need at least four barrel bushings and possibly eight cone ones. Probably hard. I don’t need cups.


This might help? BONES Skateboard Bushings: Shop The Full Range | ParadeWorld

Or these Shop Thunder Trucks Bushings | Fast Delivery | ParadeWorld

Thanks but those look like full sets. They’re not actually for a skateboard. I’m going to use them to make new shock absorbers for an old 90s snakeboard. I hope mentioning snakeboarding here won’t cause too much offense.

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Better than scooters, I guess.

I’m not actually much of a snakeboarder but I want to see if I can get it going again. You’ll all be aware that Marc Churchill of RAD/As If fame was into snakeboarding. (17.10)

Does anyone know where the Sharp British National Snakeboarding Championship 2021 is being held? I want to feel the same level of excitement as the lad in the red top at 20 seconds in after witnessing a front flip.

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I see your point; It’s the Foxconn champs now, wily conservatives.

I used to be pretty handy on a snakeboard when I was a kid. Would be fun to try it again

Didn’t Churchill just snakeboard for money or was that his excuse to get into the skate community?
ha, jk.


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Hahaha, that dude going ape shit gave me a chuckle this morning :joy:

Well, you should listen to yourself when you made up your username.
Watching that rehab comp it just highlights why snakeboarding died a terrible death. It’s probably the least aesthetic of any hobbies of this ilk, dare I say, way worse than scooters.

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