Indoor Skateparks

Now that its dark and wet till March… is there an up to date UK directory of indoor parks?

From memory in driving-ish distance from my area (Maidenhead) we’ve got;

Bay 66 - West London
Vans Indoor Park - London Bridge
Pioneer - St Albans
Skaterham - Caterham
Prevail - Bournemouth
Creation - Birmingham

Might be useful to rebuild a UK list of indoor parks. Probably not worth it for out door ones as we’re spoilt for choice now!

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Ramp City - Blackpool

And the Vans park is in Waterloo, not London Bridge FYI

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Adrenaline Alley - Corby (if you want to learn to scoot or bike)
XC Skatepark - Hemel Hempstead

can we count the mighty buszy at MK as an indoor plaza? as long as the rain isn’t horizontal it’ll be dry

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Yorkshire way we have:
TASR Skatepark Beverly HU17 0TB
Rockcity Hull HU3 5GL
The Works Leeds LS10 1NT
The House Sheffield S3 8AS
Onboard Sheffield S8 0UH
The Zoo York YO31 7JB
Mags On Ramps Halifax HX2 8DB
Summit Indoor Adventure Selby YO8 4BL
Boom Pontefract WF91JJ
Probably best to check social media for session times and pricing.
There is probably a few more then listed above.
Spoilt for choice nowadays indoors and out gone are the days of 3 train changes to get to Wakey.


Flo skatepark, Nottingham
4motion, Darlington
Better Extreme, Barking
Ramp 1, Warrington
Rampworx, Liverpool
Dynamix, Gateshead (particularly good for jugglers)
Greystone, Manchester
Campus, Bristol

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Sure this is only about an hour away from Maidenhead too.

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yes - forgot about Hemel. Thats a good one.

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Good list! Was trying to think of them all and the names. Just for anyone about our ways and trying to search-

The Works is now called ‘LS-Ten’ in Leeds and BOOM skatepark is private only.

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Thank you for the heads up, how does a private skatepark work is it invite only?

Can people post when they are visiting parks because I literally have no fucking friends.

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Kinda yeah I’m not totally sure, it’s just not open to the public anymore and there’s a bunch of locals who all chip in to pay the rent! There is still seshes go down but invite only I guess! I actually just started a couple weekly shifts at LS-Ten doing coaching and lessons for school groups and stuff haha so if anyone’s ever about these ways say hi! Hopefully a new main room being built sometime in the new year too!


where you at?

This is the current Devon/Cornwall list:
Mount Hawke TR4 8BQ
Junkyard, PL12 6LF
Prime, PL4 0LE
The Lodge, , TQ12 2DA

Theres talk of a little one in Newquay appearing soon as well, with crowdfunding about to open TR7 Facebook

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How has nobody mentioned X-Site in Skeg yet?

There’s one out this way called The Shed in Kings Lynn as well. Largely crap unless you’re comfortable with quarter-pyramid-vert wall-and back runs. Nice mini there though, but it is very mini. Generally infested with kids of all the worst ilks at all times.

Kew Gardens. Basically can easily get to all of the parks listed. Bay 66 is closest.

Oh sick. I grew up in West and still have family I stay with there once a month or so. Does bay still do old man night once a month with the beer and bbq?

keen for pioneer or xc soon?

No idea on that.

Yeah pioneer which night?

Was it you I saw at XC a couple of years back?