Indoor Skateparks

Was it you I saw at XC a couple of years back?

Project 1 in Carlisle. For anyone this far north. Its small, but cheap. Steve the guy who runs it has just done the coast to coast to raise money for expanding.

There’s one in Barrow to, better extreme or something never been though.

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I’d be up for a pioneer or xc forum meet. Full disclosure I’m fairly annoyingly talkative

Sounds like a good rewarding job nice that people give something back nowadays.

I think we can do wiki-style posts on here, might be useful for a skatepark listing. I’ll look into it…

Could something like this be done for comps/events as well? I would start a thread myself but I don’t know whats happening out there anymore.


may have been yeah, think there was a few last minute shouts on the old forum a few years back !

could do tomorrow night if you fancy? if not would be up for it one night next week deffo

how far is it for you? normally takes about 50 mins from here

not open tuesdays, be up for a wednesday soon or could do that friday evening late session next month

Skateboard England has an App coming out very soon which holds a Skatepark Listing guide in partnership with Skatepark Finder - UK Skatepark Directory and Archive

We also have a Skate Shops Listing on our website - Skateboard GB - Please let us know if you can see a shop we’ve missed and we’ll get it added!

And finally we have an Events page but as always this one is the hardest to keep up to date without going about and finding the info - Skateboard GB


Campus have two indoor parks in Bristol. Both really fun and run by two rad skateboarders.

Both parks have really good cafés, put on events & comps, plus video premieres, bands and all sorts!

“Campus Pool” aka Concrete Campus - concrete indoor park in an old swimming pool building. Curbs, banks, “ditch”, pool corner, transitions, hubba etc. (Plus wooden mini ramp/s out the back sometimes open).
Bishopsworth BS13 7RW

“Campus Park” aka Wooden Campus - wooden skatepark. Mini ramp style, with some ledges, banks, rails etc.
Winterbourne BS36 1QG


BYC Skatepark in Brighton, small but no scooters, bladers or bikes, ever. Plus you get to hang out with me which may make things better or worse


That looks sick. Do you not get people turning up with bikes or scooters loads?

Not really, it’s well advertised that it’s a skateboarding only park. I think most people realise that before they get here, mostly get chancers phoning up to ‘check’

That park looks sick! Refreshing it’s skateboard only . And the features are rad, not to busy. Got to check that when I’m in the area. :metal:t3:

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As Lucy mentioned, we have a skatepark directory over at Skatepark Finder - UK Skatepark Directory and Archive and you can also find a list of indoor parks at Indoor Skateparks Guide - Map of the UK's Indoor Skateparks - all the info will soon be in Skateboard England’s app.

I try and keep the info up to date and we have details for 1500 parks, but let me know if I’ve missed anything! There’s also a ‘graveyard’ section for closed parks to remember the good times!


if theres a pioneer evening session happening soon give me a shout, about an hour from me which is absolutley doable

Have only been once, before I moved to the Wirral ( was staying in Chester ), they were really friendly and had really good vibe going on will go again when I can sort it.

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yeah mate definitey, would you be keen next wednesday?

yea I’m keen, was talking to hugo about it yesterday.