Injuries and treatment

Those jigsaw attachments are interesting, would love to try them out before maybe buying


they’re all different materials and hardness. the picture doesn’t really show the sizes off them very well either. my mate was using a tennis ball stuck on the end of the saw blades before buying the kit and sometimes he goes back to that (which sounds fucking terrifying if i’m honest)

Can you imagine someone working your back with it then it slips and saws through your spine


I’m weirdly looking at comparison vids on YT, to see how the cheap ones hold up. £60, yeah I can try one out and not worry about it being another fad of mine but £300? fuck that.

Sack off foam rolling and massage guns for dynamic stretching and mobility training instead. They work the muscles that need working, making them stronger and fitter. Foam rolling and massage feels nice at the time, but does precisely fuck all for conditioning your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

yeah i do some dynamic stretching as well to be fair but definitely need to do more, you got any good recommendations on the mobility training?

Dr Kyle puts a lot of skated oriented stuff on his Instagram, although he mightve stopped that now that he’s doing the patreon thing. I’ve been doing a lot of Joe wicks stuff for about two years and my knees are the best they’ve ever been. Just loads of squats and lunges n shit. It’s boring but it’s literally 20 minutes a day


ah yeah been following dr kyle for ages but not actually doing any of his suggestions haha need to get on it, did notice he’d gone a bit quiet !

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It’ll take a while but strengthening the tendons n that like @ciaran said is how all of us old ass bitches are going to skate forever and avoid persistent injuries

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Yeah totally, plus doing other sports, whether it’s swimming, cycling, martial arts, calisthenics, football, running, whatever else gets the heart racing and the body sweating.

I do about 5-10 mins mobility in the morning before doing some calisthenics/HIIT/bodyweight training, it’s very similar to yoga, but you’re doing it with more effort as a lot of the poses/exercises are considered active stretching and many of the routines do help the skate muscles.

Best guys for me are -

  • Bodyweight Warrior / Tom Merrick - English fella from Poole. He’s really good, explains the exercises and techniques a lot, with a bunch of follow along routines
  • CaliMove / Calisthenics Movement - German dudes who only wear shorts. They don’t do so many follow-along videos, but drop serious knowledge on how to build your own routine (e.g., start with 5 pull-ups, gradually get up to 15, etc.), how to do your exercises with proper form (v. important), mistakes to watch out for, that sort of thing.
  • brian_Movement101 and rob_movement101, 2 Dublin fellas on IG only. Their IG stories are usually pretty good for all round knowledge, with the odd handful of mobility routines in their feeds. Rob does a mobility training live stream around 8.15 every morning, might be worth a look.
  • Abnormal Beings - London based dude who does some good HIIT training
  • Athlean X - shouty US shredded gym dude who puts serious science into the reasoning behind various exercises.
  • Fitness FAQs - Hairless Australian fella who’s into serious strength training. Explains the reasoning behind each exercise and progressions to harder techniques really well. His IG is a little odd - follows nobody, answers no questions, just preaches and lectures. Compare that with the community building of Movement 101. Good for ideas though.

They’re all selling apps and online workout programs outside of their YT and IG media, but it’s all still good quality. I found all these through searching for bodyweight fitness and calisthenics routines after doing a load of functional & bodyweight training alongside a bit of muay thai.

These from CaliMove are good starters -


Wicked mate cheers for the tips !

One for everybody here - ankle strengthening drills…

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Watching someone stand full weight on a rolled ankle makes me feel weird

Gonna need a bigger travel pack.

Mrs bought me a massage gun, not an expensive one but seems pretty decent, we’ll see how it goes. Wonder if it can help work out my various issues.

After skating on Monday my sciatica has flared up something rotten. Not sure if it was due to skating or months of sitting on a hard wooden chair working from home. I could really do with getting to the gp for some pain killers. Anybody else suffer with back pain?

It comes and goes for me, I had it for a week or so last winter where I could hardly walk the length of a room then fine since. Advice I was given was bang the painkillers into you so that you can try to function normally, sitting/moving in weird positions that hurt less will lengthen the recovery time.

Is it your lower back?
If so could be a muscle spasm round one of your nerves .

This is what my physio told me when I had similar pain and gave me these stretches to do for it. Also a wheat/heat pack after on the area. Pain killers will only temporarily easy the pain till you release the muscle through stretching.

I did thes 10 times either side , nice and slow and if you can
, go lower till your knees are almost on the floor.

Do you have tight hips? I used to get a bad lower back now and then until a sports physio identified I had tight hips and my core wasnt strong enough to support my height (I’m 6.5). I dealt with both those issues and not had any back problems know almost ten years… I hope this helps, glass backs suck.

Yeah I had to go to the doctors a few years back and they said it was sciatica. The pain in in the lower back and runs through my right hip and into the knee. I just need the pain to settle down before I can start the stretching again. I’m gonna stay in bed today. :grin: