Injuries and treatment

Thought I’d start this because my new physio diagnosed A minor labral tear in my hip (torn cartilage). I’ve had it for a couple of months maybe longer but only diagnosed 3 weeks ago .
It’s a right fucker, thought it was an old groin injury from snowboarding.
Anyway I’ve done all the usual YouTube vids etc on extra recovery and treatment as well as my physios .
My main question is , has anyone on here done the same? And if so what have you done and how have you coped/overcome this problem when it comes to getting back skating.?

Has your physio mentioned osteochondritis dissecans? I had that in my right foot last winter, also took really long to get diagnosed correctly.
I got an injection of Ostenil Plus and a pair of custom insole made and have been fine ever since.

I pulled a calf muscle on Friday night. I had been skating for 10 minutes, did a ledge trick and felt like I took a bullet, out of nowhere, and couldn’t walk for 2 days after that. Feeling better now, I can walk to the food store but it’s gonna take a while until I feel good. What should I do when I feel ready to get back on my board? Any stretches or anything? How can I prevent this from happening again? Thanks!

Don’t know about that but My physio knew exactly what i had , he did extensive movement tests on my leg And the pain I have is hip joint related. Luckily no clicks, locks or severe pain, so a minor tear. He’s also the Hertfordshires rugby physio so dealt with it loads.

Only advice would be stretch and strengthen.

Try investing in Shawn Hale’s new orthopedic flip flops? cf Nine Club episode

Er…? I would never wear flip flops.

Yoga and foam rollers or a power plate for leg massage is excellent. Stretching is important.

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I’m nearly ready to get back to normal again after my own hip injury. I’ve been getting half hour deep tissue massages (I buy a 5 pass ticket which is cheapest option and then can use it whenever I feel a potential problem develop in the legs) and got a swim membership so I can at least exercise a bit but also use the spa and sauna for some light stretches. I’m trying to follow some you tube pilates stuff too and try get some strength and flexibility back.

I wonder if I pulled that muscle because of dehydration.
I’m going to try to drink more water before I go skating.

I saw we all get of the Mexican supplements, I bet Wreaking Ball has none of these problems!

Just shrunken meat and 2 veg

with the name wreaking ball, you hope he’s swinging rather than having wreaked balls ennit

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It’s pricey but I gave myself a Christmas present by purchasing a TimTamPro for my back.

That looks pretty heavy duty. I was just about to come on here to moan about my back.

I’ve been suffering too long with my back. I figured this should be a solution on the longterm that will hopefully help me get more active again.

Mobility training, leading into calisthenics and bodyweight fitness, will help a lot of us. Look up rob_movement101 and brian_movement101 on Insta for some basic dynamic stretches & exercises geared at strengthening the muscles and ligaments along with expanding the range of motion you have to make you more supple and limber.

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My old coach made one out of a jigsaw and a tennis ball.

It’s a bit of a brick but Become a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett is the bible for strength and mobility

Check out the Parade online skate shop