Injuries and treatment

Thought I’d start this because my new physio diagnosed A minor labral tear in my hip (torn cartilage). I’ve had it for a couple of months maybe longer but only diagnosed 3 weeks ago .
It’s a right fucker, thought it was an old groin injury from snowboarding.
Anyway I’ve done all the usual YouTube vids etc on extra recovery and treatment as well as my physios .
My main question is , has anyone on here done the same? And if so what have you done and how have you coped/overcome this problem when it comes to getting back skating.?

Has your physio mentioned osteochondritis dissecans? I had that in my right foot last winter, also took really long to get diagnosed correctly.
I got an injection of Ostenil Plus and a pair of custom insole made and have been fine ever since.

I pulled a calf muscle on Friday night. I had been skating for 10 minutes, did a ledge trick and felt like I took a bullet, out of nowhere, and couldn’t walk for 2 days after that. Feeling better now, I can walk to the food store but it’s gonna take a while until I feel good. What should I do when I feel ready to get back on my board? Any stretches or anything? How can I prevent this from happening again? Thanks!

Don’t know about that but My physio knew exactly what i had , he did extensive movement tests on my leg And the pain I have is hip joint related. Luckily no clicks, locks or severe pain, so a minor tear. He’s also the Hertfordshires rugby physio so dealt with it loads.

Er…? I would never wear flip flops.

Yoga and foam rollers or a power plate for leg massage is excellent. Stretching is important.

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I’m nearly ready to get back to normal again after my own hip injury. I’ve been getting half hour deep tissue massages (I buy a 5 pass ticket which is cheapest option and then can use it whenever I feel a potential problem develop in the legs) and got a swim membership so I can at least exercise a bit but also use the spa and sauna for some light stretches. I’m trying to follow some you tube pilates stuff too and try get some strength and flexibility back.

I wonder if I pulled that muscle because of dehydration.
I’m going to try to drink more water before I go skating.

I saw we all get of the Mexican supplements, I bet Wreaking Ball has none of these problems!

Just shrunken meat and 2 veg

with the name wreaking ball, you hope he’s swinging rather than having wreaked balls ennit

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That looks pretty heavy duty. I was just about to come on here to moan about my back.

Mobility training, leading into calisthenics and bodyweight fitness, will help a lot of us. Look up rob_movement101 and brian_movement101 on Insta for some basic dynamic stretches & exercises geared at strengthening the muscles and ligaments along with expanding the range of motion you have to make you more supple and limber.

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My old coach made one out of a jigsaw and a tennis ball.

Dr Kyle brown offering a subscription on patreon, looks interesting


been foam rolling whilst stretching and warming up recently and it’s certainly helping a lot but matey at the park the other day had one of those massage guns so had a bang on that & ended up getting one straight away cos it made my legs feel fantastic

i did look at them before but they were silly expensive, just bought exactly the same one i used the other day which was half price at £130 so pretty buzzing about that

Okay, hear me out, a proper theragun is like £250. You can buy a battery operated jigsaw for like £70 and one of these sets -


My mate built one using those, the only downside is it is just as loud as a jigsaw (very loud)

I know its not got the blade in but there is something very off putting running a jigsaw up your leg.

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As long as it’s done on your black and decker workmate it’ll be fine.