Instagram Blowouts

Yeah, nice ledges.

Sorry to divert the topic but I think Heitor got safety hand steez and needs to stop beaming the spot when he lands tricks. No evidence of beaming in this clip but he still does it from time to time.

I think rich holland had something to do with making those?


Yeah it was on his insta recently

Fuck yeah! Bit of me this!!

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Still don’t know how to embed Insta posts.

Jordan with the usual super clean tech as fuck tasty wheelies.

Welcome recap of yesterday’s very on-brand Polar demo at Project House


Old two-wipes is back. Eldy cogitating on the meaning of life and disseminating enlightenment to all mankind with his unique, incisive perspective on the universe.

Thick as planks :joy:


Jesus Christ.
Someone start a gofund me and get eldridge back to school.

His quick example of having a wife and not being allowed to have girlfriends too sounded a little suspect though… :sweat_smile:

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What is this absolute spanner on about?! :joy:


A factor in breaking up with an ex gf was that she just didn’t understand or know any idioms. I guess the overarching picture was she was thick haha


Looked fun. Love Shins style.

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