Interview Thread


Magee interviews Charlie Munro.


Darrell Stanton talking to vice

just being in music studios as a muse to music artists


not listened yet, these can be hit or miss.


The Blips video is going to be incredible. Munro is unreal to watch in real life.


I enjoyed the BA and Gino interviews on the mission statement but haven’t bothered with the rest, are any of them decent?


R.B. Umali is essential.


Just noticed if you drop a link in there you can see how many people have clicked on it. Nice little feature


Is that what this is?


Nah this, I think


Nice. Number is the same. I guess it looks different to the poster than to the reader.


Alex was a good watch.
Unless you don’t like him and so it won’t change your mind.


Good AO ep!


AO ep of Mission Statement is great. Really enjoy listening to current AO. Way less contrived and has a real good sense of humour. The bit about Weck had me in stitches.

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Really do forget how fucking gnarly Silas is, some of those covers/ ads bring back memories

Was a good read, always liked his skating but for some reason had him pinned as taking himself far more seriously. He comes across really well


I enjoyed that Silas interview, comes across well.

What drama surrounding Away Days is he talking about and the riders? Missed that gossip


Haven’t read this but I know a few dudes were bummed at the music choices. For what the music was, and for how those tracks meant the thing could only be online for three months or whatever it was. A lot of work for something that normal people can’t just go and check out. You’ve got to pay to watch it on YouTube.


I think Lee’s getting into his groove a bit better. The first one’s were pretty awkward with loads of weird blanks* or fanboy stuff. I think if they tighten up the editting to omit these parts it would be great. The podcast comes across as slightly more mature than the Nine club but Lee’s by himself and Chris has two extra hosts to help.
2018 has definitely pushed the podcast as the preferred medium to promote or stay relevant.

  • I think Gino was his first guess so awkward silence was to be expected

ay he’s absolutely fucked, very sound geeza too


Really good interview here with SBN. Would’ve expected/wanted to hear more about his off-the-board outdoors adventures and his first shoe with Adidas, but so it goes. Never saw his Thrasher video part before, fuck it’s rad. Good to see that he’s not jumping on every fashion bandwagon too - his footage from 15 years ago strongly resembles what he’s putting out now, like Kalis, MC and a few others. Aaaaaand, he’s in the top five for consistantly raddest 360 flips.

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