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I reckon coke

Possible but the PNW is heroin/opiate country


Plus he said he was hanging with Mike Davis, who OD’d, so it all points to H

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It’s not rocket science

I wasn’t saying I couldn’t figure it out.

It was more of an observation that most interviews go the way of not really labelling it and lumping it all under the word “partying”.


Is this a case of someone who works at Vice caring enough to get all this stuff online before they go bust? Or is this O’Dell at the helm?


It’s Vice essentially trying to monetise all possible old content after going bust I think. They’ve cancelled a bunch of shows so not sure they’ll be making anything new, looks like they’re just drip feeding old content onto YouTube.


Yeah, some KOTR episodes have been appearing. Clearing out the stock before it gets seized, I suppose.


I had a DVD version of the Epicly Laterd Cardiel doc that I lost along the way. Gutted! Glad it’s back up in its full glory

Fucking joyful Dave Mackey interview.
Read and Enjoy.
Steve75 rpznt


I know times change and people rarely listen to elders when they say it was better in my day but in this case (and in many) and experienced person has really valid points to why old ways trump the evolving new trends and that they should be considered past convenience and the need to get quick kudos.
I’m certainly no guru of the day but I can’t think of any online videos that I have gone back to over and over. Forced, I could name a couple that stoked me out for a moment.
Like in music, there are people claiming that they’re producers when they’re just loading up sample banks and copying a trend to get instant satisfaction, the mark of popularity makes them think that they are successful in their art. You have to consider your audience and why they are listening to you. ‘film makers’ are the same. I truly believe that HD footage just looks like a recording of a session and a tune is overlaid. it doesn’t feel cohesive, it doesn’t have a feel. If the skating is good then you can accept it of just progressive tricks and enjoy it for what it is but you’re not gonna watch it again, you’re gonna rewind a few tricks and move on. For longevity a skate video needs to feel like a film that you can watch over and over again, we all have those favourite films. I can watch Aliens everyday or even something like i’m Alan Partridge. I don’t even laugh anymore but I enjoy it equally every time.
If people don’t do a traditional full length to make their mark and show skaters off as they deserve then at least make you edit memorable, come up with your own style, stop copying others. Take pride in your own identity.

fucking waffle on a sunday morning

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This is probably of limited interest to most but I know @anonymity for one is a fan of this guy. Chats swimming, skating, comedy, Redfern…

Right, I’m off for a bodysurf for real myself right now.


Nice one! Love John!

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More John Cruikshank - this amused me greatly. @Scurbrampwoody
(Apologies for the derail)

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Fuckkk that noseblunt down the south bank 12 stair hubba is heavy.

These are always enjoyable.