Is this board any good? Only just started getting into skateboards.

I was wondering if this board is any good for a beginner.

Link doesn’t work. Please don’t be a Birdhouse board.

I’ve updated the link, sorry about that.

Can we please set it so you have to have a minimum amount of posts before you can do a thread? @Londonskater

I’m just asking for some help, I don’t know where else I’m meant to ask these questions.

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You should spend a bit more and get something better. A real skate shop with real skateboarders in it will be happy to help. A shit skateboard that doesn’t work properly could put you off skateboarding.

Ah, okay. I’ve got a local skate shop so I’ll check them out when I next can. Thanks

Why? They’re just asking for advice


depends if you want every third thread the same

Who are they? Somebody here might know them. Or own it…

Maybe a sticky ‘What’s a good first skateboard?’ thread @Spanky?


I can’t for the life of me remember the name, I just remember walking past it a few times around a year ago. I think it was based in Hanley, Staffordshire.

Nevermind, just got it up on Google maps and it’s just a clothing store but I’m positive they sold some sort of skateboarding and rollerskating stuff last time I saw it in person.

Dazed in Stoke??
Been gone a few years

I think that was the place, yeah. Didn’t realise it had been that long, damn.

I’m not an admin.

Yes we can do a sticky. Actually I think we can do wiki posts where everyone can contribute. I\ll look into it, super busy right now…

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I feel like these threads are always just means of generating SEO backlinks for skate hut.


haha meant to tag spanky but i’d had 5 pints & that made me think you were also admin for some reason, apologies !

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Don’t forget about that scraper!