i've been working on filming and creating videos

Me and a few mates have taken advantage of the 4/30 nice days we’ve had in the UK. ive been getting into filming a lot more and cinematography - understandably there is limits to how technical this can be for something as simple as skateboarding, but i feel that this is my best work yet.


Its posted on instagram at the moment, I’ll be moving it to youtube later. Be cool to know your thoughts

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Was going to ask is that up at Leeds, then saw Leeds on your profile.
Some great stuff in there and some of those skaters certainly have a bag of tricks, enjoyed watching that, nice one @ooff.uk

Not sure about that.

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OP clearly wasn’t around in skateperception days


I miss SP a lot.

x 3 on the I miss SP tip. I lurked a bit and got into the site more when I got my first VX. What is there now it’s gone? Reddit?

OP what do you mean by “understandably there is limits to how technical this can be for something as simple as skateboarding”?


Posting after 4 hours of sleep always seems a bad idea. I could delete my comment, but maybe I’ll leave my comment as a lesson for me to learn from…

Doh. Doh indeed.

Not sure what you mean! I was agreeing with you.

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Just realised this is a bedroom t-shirt company, so I don’t imagine we’ll get a reply now the video has been posted in its own thread.


Go Pro on a stick shouldn’t have a place in skateboarding.

So stinking.

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But we’re still all buying the shirts right? Just ordered 7.


OOF or OFF? Does not work. Skateboarding was cool, nice average crew quality but “second to none”? OOF




God damn you beat me to it.