Jack O'Grady Passport Part

I see no negatives.

@Londonskater I prefer him to Milton.



Didn’t Ronnie creager also do this flip, and go straight into a car in one of the rodders v. Daewon’s? I haven’t watched it in quite a few years so maybe it was just a similar looking one?

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Different bank (@ 17:10):


Always amazed that actually happened. Was he just not looking out for cars? Could he not see them from the top of the bank?

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Ha wow, totally different bank.
I guess he had a spotter that was too busy pushing a wheel along with a stick or whatever we did before we had phones to notice the car and tell him to wait.

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The music in Pass-Port vids is always good. So rare these days!
The guy who runs Pass-Port is a professional DJ.

Jack O’Grady is a fucking nutter, and there’s something unique about him. Loved this section.


Reckless. Really liked that. Ender was fucked up but he did it so perfect it didn’t even look like it was anything at all.


He reminds me of the Bash Street Kids for some reason. Like a scrappy Beano character on a speedball.


Mixed opinions tbh. I should preface this with: I’m deliberately holding him to a very high level as it’s a standalone pro part in 2021.

Agree with @Londonskater - all the best bits were floating around on instagram this week so it spoiled the surprise element.

Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Mason Silva/Louie Lopez, but the part was a bit underwhelming at times, aside from 4 or 5 completely fucked tricks. And I should state, the ender is one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever seen.

I don’t know… the first song didn’t work. The first line is basically an ollie on flat, a dodgy heelflip and a downhill ollie that most sponsored skaters would do fairly easily. For a part like this you’ve got to open on something more powerful - it’s not a Rasa Libre montage. I’ve re-watched a few times and I think the problem is there’s quite a disparity between his really gnarly standalone bangers and his lines, so the part fluctuates in momentum with highs and lows. Check the line at 1:25. It’s just a bit… meh. The editing didn’t help either. The ‘line’ at 1:40 - first trick is great, but just cut it there, otherwise finishing the line with a stinking heelflip on flat is worthless.

Sorry. He seems really rad and I want to like him, but like @anonymity I’ll probably not be watching that again.

Edit - I know I’m some random prick on the internet, so…


It was gnarly but it wasn’t Milton Martinez gnarly.


Aren’t we all!

Good to have conversation with differing opinions, though.

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Was wondering this too. Seems odd for a bloke who otherwise looks like he has brown hair and isn’t going for a goth vibe.