Jack O'Grady Passport Part



The whole thing.

I skipped to ender just to see it. Gnarlier on film is rare but I agree with that. Fuck.

Will watch it all later.


I don’t agree, but this tweet cracked me up!

Everything in that part was bat shit crazy.
The ender is on another level.

The difference between O’Grady and a Zero skater is O’Grady appears to be having fun.


fuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell that was savage

rarely think this about sections nowadays but thought the music selection was great

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Incredible. All of it.

That was insane. Needs a couple of rewatches to appreciate just how nuts some of those tricks were.

Reckon last trick is going to be one of those firsts in terms of opening up doors for tricks, the same way Romero going up a handrail did.

Nah that handrail to handrail 5050 has been done before, just nowhere near as big

That ender was brilliant, but so much other gold.
Loved the half cab 5-0 down the rail against the wall, pretty unusual trick.
Proper nice, loose style.

A couple of people have done them. Was it Wes Kremer who did the Transworld one with the chain in the middle? Thats was the starting point for that stuff, I think - although still very rare.

That had some sick stuff in it.
The line with the front 3 from the wood off the dirt pile was all time gold. The filmer just about squeezing through the car gap yet not losing his shit, the HUF like wood up dirt pile and the homies all waiting (kinda) out of shot made it amazing.
I’ll rewatch in a bit. I likes some of those spots and the ideas on them. Half cabbing to five O and hitting that second hubba for a nosegrind after jumping over the rail was sick.

Theres a lit of good and gnarly stuff in there, but - and heres my nega-side coming out - of his last five tricks…
-one was *over insta all week
-one was done cleaner by Willy Santos 22 years ago
-the nollie was ollied by Greco in his 40s. And the old mans ride out was much cleaner.
-the ender…was insane. But the cover was so blown out, I kinda wish he’d put something else last. didn;t even need to be something gnarly like that…just…something…

But, yeah…mad skater. I guess I was just expecting something Milton-like, but he’s good. Just wasn’t the face melter I’d hoped for. Maybe expectation messed it up for me?

*Also, big fuck you to all the dudes who post enders or whole swatches of tricks from videos within the first few days of it going up. The dude and his crew worked hard on putting something complete out. It sucks when you’ve seen it all chopped up because some tenuous link is keen for a few more followers.


Its a whole part. They’ve (the people who made it) decided that, so let them show it in the way they intended.

…and people like that trying to claim they are helping make noise for him when its coming out on Thrasher. PURLEEEEEASE…
Post a throwback in two weeks for your 832 followers.


Yep. It was.

I have confused Kremer and Baxter-Neal so many times even though I know I know.
It’s like skate dyslexia for me. I can’t do it.

I also can never spell reciept.

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Yeah, thats totally agreeable.
I do think he is sick. I think that like I say, it was expectation in my head which deflated it a bit.

I bet all that shit felt rad to ride away from.

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Yeah, barging. It’s powerful.

That line with the dirt pile…even the first trick which is just a simple k grind…it’s like he is stamping on someone’s neck. So pressed down.


I’ll probably never watch that part again but I hope Nike is throwing money at him because the skating in that part is colostomy bag level.


That was really excellent.
Does he dye his hair??

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Taaaaake it to the hair thread, bro

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Willy did it on a smaller part of the bank - less gap:

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