Jake Johnson Retrospective (2010 - 2020)

Thought this might be worth its own thread :slight_smile:
post-Mindfield Jake Johnson mixtape
Jake Johnson: JJ - A Retrospective (2010-2020) - YouTube


nicked from quartersnacks:

Fucking amazing. Soundtrack is banging as well.

Will be watching on repeat for years to come.



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Jake Johnson is my favouritest skateboarder.

The spine he has in his back garden looks like one of the funnest ramps ever.

Gunna watch that with the little man this afternoon. Skating is the only visual distraction haha

Definitely threadworthy, will save this to watch on the TV after work. JJ is the best.

Some parts are too long.

I zoned out after 7 minutes because 7 minutes of incredible skating was enough.

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This is so sick.

The music is very ‘different’ I’d say but I quite like that actually.

Agreed, I liked the opening music, the change to what was after was a bit odd, but worked.

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