Jante appreciation thread

@sk8arrog8 posted this new Jante video by Fritte Soderstrom in the Footage thread but it deserves its own thread.
This video series (i think this is the 4th) is some of the best content in contemporary skating.
Seriously gifted filming capturing equally gifted skateboarders.
You’ll be hooked after 1 trick.


When I get a minute I’ll post the others in here too - unless someone else can do it.

Unreal technique. He’s absolutely perfected the 16:9 fisheye filming. I can’t stress enough how fucking difficult what he is doing is. A filming god.


Probably the best post vx era fish filming i have seen

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Filming gave me a headache. Not into that mega low down fisheye.

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Same. Put it on my telly and it made me feel dizzy.

Was ok. Music was nice.

Music was sick, skating was sick. Do I get punished for not really noticing the filming? Didn’t like the colour treatment. But aside from that 8/10 great effort, would watch again

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Maybe it’s a filmer thing. Gotta respect his craft as what he is doing is very hard to do.

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Love the filming and general aesthetic of these edits, good tha.

Bbz wake up etc. etc.

Starting off with that Lieutenant Pigeon banger. I was fairly confident no one would use these 1970s one-hit wonders, but I was wrong.