Jiri Bulin - etnies "Our Kid" Thrasher part

This deserves its own thread due to be it being so heavy.

  • big legit American style hubbas.
  • flip in on handrails
  • tech lines done at a decent speed
  • interesting spot and trick combos (see tailslide to crook at the narrow ledge spot)

Unreal. Jiri is so fucking good. Don’t know what his deal is but that boy deserves a fat pay packet!

Update the OP with the YT link

I’m going to be as level as possible here and judge it by the same standard I would an edit of americans I have no connection with and say the afterbangs have distracted from his footage in the past and still here to a degree.

That said, the level of skill in this part is insane and he’s allowed to do whatever he wants with his hands if he’s switch back lip/ flip front board/ nollie front boarding / flip backlipping legit big rails.

Also the form and explosive pop and catch on his tricks is great to watch. The switch flip over metal angles bar thing on flat and the front heel over the kicker/can are great examples

That was fucking incredible!
Big up George.

Toy Machine - do something with him please

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I thought this flip trick and the fakie flip near the end were amazingly well done.


Inside scoop- is he getting a big soletech push? He definitely deserves it

The filming was more distracting than any disco arms imo

He’s been involved and supported for a while now…Came on a tour across Germany and Austria with the big guns right before Covid.
He was invited on the recent tour across 3 countries this summer but was visiting family, etc. on those dates sadly.
He gets noise made around him all the time.
Sadly a project where he would have been the main focus fell through through no fault of anyones…that was a shame.

He’s rad. He rips. He’s a dad and just put out a gnarly video part. Stoked for him.

PS. I like that VX filming. Kind of a mix of new style and classic. Dunno…works for me.


Honestly didn’t notice any distracting camera work. What was the gripe? Not disagreeing, just interested

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Seemed wobbly and like he jerked the camera up after every trick but maybe Im picking fault unnecessarily

That’s rad, I’m out the loop. I’ve always enjoyed his footage and thought he was at risk of being one of those people that’s amazing but get overlooked for someone with jazzy trousers who moved to London.

Stoked he’s got noticed and had that company push and got the thrasher coverage


That was sick. He’s got good catch. And some heavy hitting shit in there.

Forgot to add- nice to see some clear piilgrim logos in there in a video getting American coverage.
They just won the award from PETA for best menswear. Marks doing a great job with piilgrim


Just got round to watching this that was so good.

Didn’t realise Manchester had so many spots

So many of those are complete busts as well so you know Jiri did his shit fast!

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That switch back lip spot looks like a one go jobby.

That trick was so proper.

Other than Dylan Hughes I can’t think of any other UK skater who has done a switch back lip on a legit rail?

Edit - I’m aware Jiri is Czech.

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He’s deffo an honorary Mancunian.

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Short, sweet and no filler. Really, really top draw.

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He who shall not be named

Dave Wallace

Think it’s an 8? The one in bath into an alley

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