Joe Buffalo: surving the horrors of residential school, addiction and more.

Apologies if ABP (deffo ABPOS) but this deserves a thread to draw attention to it.

Canadian ripper and First Nation advocate Joe Buffalo talks about his childhood and struggles with trauma, addiction and more.
Excellent mini doc from The New Yorker.

Incidentally, Joe Sacco (who I’ve mentioned on here many times previously) has a new book out dealing with the treatment of First Nation people by the Canadian govt etc if watching this makes you want to learn more.


Gonna watch this later, thanks.

I went to a First Nation people gathering in Quebec and it was equally cool and depressing. Cool to meet them and hear their stories and try their food and stuff but also sad to see the fucking state of some of them. Most of them feel kinda lost in modern Canada and they easily fall in the hell of junk food/booze/drugs. You couldn’t buy beer in the festival and the first thing they said during the opening ceremony was a warning to pregnant women, reminding them that drinking and doing drugs during their pregnancy is a big no-no.

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