Joe Gavin is a national treasure

Haven’t even watched all of his new NOTE video yet and I still think it deserves a thread.

This and the new Landscape video in one month?
Not to mention all his amazing footage in Lomax’s Cottonopolis video.

What a fucking brilliant human.


Fuck that was wicked

Are you Joe gavin? You can tell us

I wish


Favourite UK skater of all time.

Incredible skater, filmer, video maker and a huge reason that the Manchester scene is so strong.

Also a top bloke.

He’s been around for years too.

When was his first coverage in Sidewalk… 99/2000ish right?

(Also good to see Anon posting)

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Can someone pay him a wedge, my god, what a contribution to the uk scene

Earlier than that possibly. I think his first photo was a hard flip down some stairs in a Manchester 10x10 article but there might’ve been a First Light nosegrimd shot from before that. Deffo very late 90s iirc.

Yeah, thinking about it. The nose grind first light photo would have been issue 24/25, so around 98.

Seem to remember a nose slide trick tip as well, with a nose slide on a square rail up against the wall.

it’s kinda funny to think of all the 90s influences that are happening at the moment and that he was there for them the first time around, still is around and he doesn’t even seem that old.

Deffo a backside nose grind in about 98. It was in a lot of first lights before it was called first light. It was quite a few pages long asking the same question to a bunch of young whippersnappers including a tiny jensen kickflopping over a chair off a curved jump ramp and some guy called Mark brewster doing a backside nollie flip to tail slap on a bank to block thing (I think).

No idea what happened to that guy. May as well chat loads of shit about him on this forum though. The twat. :smile:

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First light nose grind at Manchester town hall was 97/98.

Pretty sure it was in my second or third sidewalk so it was either May, June or July 98.

I wonder if the link to all those sidewalk covers is still up. I’ll dig around for it now.

I feel like the nosegrind was a separate first light to that collection of first light style interviews.

They used to be called “first offence”

It was ‘New Blood’.


Back on tangent - Joe smashes it.

His ‘Cottonoplis’ part is arguably the best UK part this year, that NOTE video is dope and the Landscape video is brilliant - feels like a golden age UK video without hanging around in the past too much, if that makes sense…

Apparently Joe used to hang with Me and Danny at the Wakefield all nighters when he was quite young.

He’s been around for years. Legend

DISCLAIMER- Danny told me, I can’t remember fuck all. Probs wrong

Not that it matters but just clarifying that this is wrong. His new blood was in my first ever issue on its own. Issue 25, April 98. I had a flick through last night.

The article I’m talking about was something else. Must’ve been in the next one or something.

Sorry… Back to Joe gavin

Edit: Oh… This was pointed out by nav. Duh. I’ve had a shocker here.

Wish I had bought this gem of a board.

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super good. always enjoy a bit of joe gavin footage, one of my favourite uk skaters for sure. trick choice , plenty of lines, raw as you like. big up!