Joe & Tommy’s Pack Of Lies



I think that’s some of the best Tommy footage I’ve seen. Some mad tech stuff in there. Heelflip fs tailslide bigspin out in a line?!

That was every bit as good as I excepted if not more.

Tommy May at College Banks and Joe at Wakey Ledges has made me very happy.

01924 represent, cc: @anonymity.

Obligatory Joe Gavin revisit…

Will watch this later. Joe Gavin’s output is something legendary considering the country we live in, spots available and weather.

Late 30s I reckon.

Yeah 37/38 think. That Joe part could be from any year though. His skateboarding just doesn’t age at all. Absolute fucking legend.

Also shout out Tommy for being gorgeous on four wheels.

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Stokey dokey - I’ve been waiting for this one.

Probably said this before but Tommy was sponsored by my local (now gone) SOS, Smash Skates.

Big fan.

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Joe Gavin must have overtaken Baines as the most productive UK skater in terms of footage and mag coverage


That was rad.

I tried to look for a full team list but couldn’t find one. I guess its the crew in the video…
Nice to see that Smithy cameo!

Smithy, VMFJ, Dee, Don Irfan, Zeta and Victor Mputu cameos in this one!

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Doesnt matter which one of em is in second place behind Frank Stephens


From what I recall, when corpsehands and I spreadsheeted it there was a dead heat between Baines, Frank Stephens and Joe Gavin as to which Brit had produced the most parts. That was at least 6 years ago though so Joe must be in the lead now.

As an aside - Tommy’s fakie flip on those banks in Wakefield is beyond fucked. They’re hard enough to ride up for your average human and whilst there’s been some heavy tricks done there over the years, that is by far the craziest .


I dont get why they have taxed/bitten the title from Blind.

Like when YouTube started in 06 and cameras became affordable I was genuinely going to do a long edited of me and my best mate and call it “Jack and Edd’s Stack of Pies!”

I understand it’s a homage or tribute but young bucks will assume it’s an original title. Just my opinion.

I mean I called my video ‘Welcome 2: Hell’ so I can’t really comment tbh


When I got my driver’s license at 17 I was over Coventry to Ride owned by Jim Skin first day on the road without L plates.

Under the ring road where that SHOW STOPPER FLAT BANK of paving slabs is Ride held a little Jam under the fly over.

I had never seen or heard of that spot.
Honestly I was blown away and I was always soooooo proud to take any South West associates or tourists who I’ve driven up. Anyway, that Jam i did ok and Frocker filmed my sex change into the bank. I met Are The Terrible and his video was “Rushed Goods” and kinda in a friendly way mine was That’s a good Rush". I wrapped it up in Xmas paper and posted it in Jims shop shutter. Dvd cover was Errie Indianas Marshall Teller with my head on and Errie Leamington Spa.

Jim gave me a free entry to Blockless Combat 2 or 3. I had done shite at the old boardroom comps in the first ever boardroom and went with low expectations. I was not good on the Epic Kidney Bowl and it was one of my best memories of any comp. Brum OGz JME looked moody but was not what his cover look like. Gave me a ciggy and ginger Lewis was still skating and effortlessly cruising, James Woodley was grumpy as ever with a Dan drehobel costume with ciggy always hanging out gob, highlight was Pete Dosset and his minute ten year old son trying BS noseblunt stalls to fs out on the friggin epic kidney bowl. Wtf.

A guy called Bullet and obviously one of Warwickshires finest Daryl Nobbs and I think even acquired his name Cov Sid that exact day. Daryl won lots of prizes and I filmed it which further in the future really hyped me up looking back at it. I came 7th but I actually landed a blunt kickflip on the bowl with my heels touch on landing and best part…SEAN GOFF WAS ON THE MIC.

Sorry. Point was…I cheekily took ade the terribles video title and made a new one for mine by rearranging the words. End. love skateboarding