Joey O’Brien




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To nitpick about the video (all personal taste): I’m not a massive fan of the 1st song, and though I like that Phillip Glass piece it has been used in a skate part before. Thought the PG piece used in AVE’s “Dancing on Thin Ice” section had more impact.

The overall impression I get from Mulhern edits is “tasteful” which I’m sometimes in the mood for and sometimes not.

Having said that, the skating was so, so good, and the filming and edit presents it super well.

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Finally put some time aside to watch some shit this afternoon and catch up on some videos I’ve missed.

This was really solid. Big Mulhern fan.

I’ll watch it again later…

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Bump. Just because I watched this for the third time and it keeps getting better.

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Yep, loving it.

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