Jordan Thackeray Thrasher part by Jackson Davis

This deserves a thread.
7 and a half minutes of rubber-limbed skating from J Thaxx.

This is pre getting the calcium golfballs taken out of his hip too


Need written confirmation he’s gotten rid of the lanyards before I hit play please


no lanyards


Looking forward to post-op.

Whoever did that fakie flip on the mound after hitting a wall is a legend, so sick.

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Rad edit. Loved that. He’s so sick. Backside noseblunt at the Deaner as if.

Remon wasnt it?

I dunno I didn’t watch it back to see.

Nah not Remon.
A Dane maybe

That was incredible, what a talent.

I saw long hair and Essex and took a risk

The line at Harrow was so chaotic! Incredible part.

Guess the wall at the deaner should be renamed Thackerays tower!

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What the heck is going on with that concrete and wooden bowl?!

Backside noseblunt is ridiculous. Love watching Jordan.

As I’ve said before he’s like a mix of Felix, Tom Penny, Wurzel Gummidge and maybe some Mike Wright.

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Otherworldly. How bad is/was his hip? Andy Murray bad?

Cool to hear Mr. Dogman in a part, thought it went well.

His skating is wild, definitely even more mental in person.

I’d love to see him skate irl. Must be wild.

Ender was fuuuucked.

That was amazing - noseblunt was fucked, that thing is so big I get worried walking past it.

Seen him skate the deaner once when I was walking the dog in the park next door - reminded me a lot of seeing chewy skate SB. Super fast, controlled chaos


Daniel ‘Schianta’ Lepori

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Literal golf ball sized lumps of bone stuck in his hip.

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spotted one but i’ll let you off pal cos this is fucking banging

was that a daryl nobbs back 3 shortly after !


think so, yeah

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