Kader adidas

I can’t bring myself to capitalise adidas.
This part is fucking sick.

Video specific threads are good.
Lol at thumbnail.

I guess this is what smoking an ounce a day looks like /s


Peak for Nike too in terms of release dates

Yeah that was sick. Such good style.

Hope this kid can maintain lungevity on that ounce a day cloud he’s living on. So good


Undeniably good, loved that it was a no frills edit, just bangers :sunglasses:

Nice. That Supreme hood at 1:27 is nice and I wont bore anyone with what I’d like Palace and Supreme to do as I’m an old git.

A goddamn ounce a day though haha.

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For teh lulz only


Did Oski release a shoe today?

you jest i assume?



Literally no.

What’s he done today? I assume something not as good as this.

Keep up grandad

That was sick. And for all the big hitters, one of the most impressive things was pulling off a good looking pressure flip


Best thing I’ve seen in a while. His style is great and I think his 9" boards make it look even better.

Kader is so casual. Strong 90s Penny vibes


Picnic table bits were off the chain. The pressure flip made me audibly groan in a good way. I’ve previously been on the “Kader is wasting his potential” train but I think I’m probably going to end up being wrong.

That part had only about 1 min and 45 seconds of actual skating.

And I absolutely fucking love it and have watched it over and over again.



Christ. That had a lot of amazing moments.
Nonchalant fucker, eh?

I love the way he just releases his shit on his own channel.
Legit YouTuber. ha ha.
That’s what having an incredible style will do for you, I guess.

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Possibly a way of getting round music rights? Don’t slap any adidas logos on it (although the title might screw things up in that regard) and hope Jay Z’s record label don’t notice.