Kasso - Japanese skate stunts tv show

I saw that @Scurbrampwoody posted about this in the instagram thread but it looks mental enough to deserve it’s own thread.

Hopefully more episodes get posted online


I gave this a look over the weekend after @Scurbrampwoody suggested.

It’s excellent - hope they post more too.

My Mrs has skated for 20+ years and told me how the presenters on the show are all super legit OGs so there’s been excellent research on this one.


This is mad. It’s like that OlliOlli World game brought to life or something.

Use of the drone was great.
Respect on the slide under the death door.

I remember seeing footage of an indoor skatepark during the late 90s, I think, which had a massive wooden pump track built all around the outside. I’ve tried searching on the internet but can’t find anthing. Does this ring any bells?

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Yeah, rings bells for sure. There was footage of Cardiel or Wade caning round it iirc. It was like a plywood BMX kind of a deal. No idea where it was or what video it was in though. I thought it might have been in Gnarcotica, the DLX video, just checked and it wasn’t :man_shrugging:

I know the one you’re talking about, that’s an indoor bmx park I think with the office ceiling tiles. I’m thinking of another. I think it was in Europe somewhere. Maybe footage in an old Puzzle video or something?

Chenga world?

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@KeithBeef ‘’ Chenga world?‘’ - That was the one I was thinking of.


That’s the one @Scurbrampwoody mentioned.

I’m thinking of another.

Probably worth compiling made skate tracks here.

Chenga world features from 8:50

I bet those ceiling tiles were disgusting.

ha this is great

Not sure this is the place I’m thinking of but very similar. I can’t imagine sending kids onto that thing.

Disco lighting on a ramp seems pretty gnarly too.

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That was great, reminds me of Unbeatable Banzuke.

Yes! New episode up!

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