Got half way through then the youngest came up to me covered in chocolate. Saving it to watch again when the kids are asleep and can fully emerse myself. Tom Knox is easily one of my favourites. He talks about linking obstacles in lines in one of his interviews


Give him SOTY.

That’s the best thing since Verso. Unbelievable .


Love the leia/Bowie BGP in this photo

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Done him a massive disservice there. On another fucking level to that.


The best thing i’ve seen in ages.
The little speed check skid after that 360 flip into the bank.
The casual backside flip he chucks out, going a million miles an hour, mid line.
What a don.


@hugo whats the odds of him being SOTY?
with the (deserved) thrasher love its definitely worth a punt.

Going switch into that bank…that think is basically rumble strips. It jolts you hard going into it, so doing that switch is mad.

Whole video was epic.
Lots of fun stuff in there, too - like the intro and then cutaways which are exactly the same as CJ or Marnold cutaways from previous episodes, just with Tom doing the same instead.

Loved it.


On 3rd watch will stop now.

I don’t think much chance of SOTY but he’s the hero the UK needs regardless.


Tom or Tiago who else, honestly?



mason silva.
but lets carry on with the knox love.


Performance art


Those three.

I’m on a hype and gunna go skating tomorrow. Buzzing. That’s what parts are for right?

J Harris needs to be paid p as well.

Just watched it, outrageous stuff.

This seemed actually ground breaking, and it would be more than deserved if he did get SOTY. I am shocked at how good that was and I expected it to be very good. Spent 90% of the part turning “none spots” into a real spot, but even when he did skate well known spots he skated them at such a high level and uniquely. I’d be tempted to say this is the best part from the UK ever. Jake’s filming and editing is truly genius. Noticed those little touches that LS mentioned, and if that was the last Atlantic Drift it would sort of seem right to conclude it like that, and only gives added gravity to the series.

TL;DR version - that was fucking incredible and Tom Knox is the GOAT!


Did he hit his knuckle off that lampost?


Well, that was a bit good, huh? 10 minutes of Rad.

As other people have said, the whole part carries an enormous weight and depth as a labour of love. It almost wouldn’t matter if the skating weren’t as mind-meltingly brilliant as it is, it’d still be a great part. As it is, it has to be part of the year, and I don’t think anybody can have any argument to that, can they?

Also that 1second cut-away where Tom’s sitting on the train (at 7mins) bent my head. Lovely squishy perspective.