Landscape Seasons + (No more Landscape)

A good way to go out.

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Changed the thread title to include the news of it finishing.

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Sweet… looking forward to watching this tonight.

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Noooooooo, I’ve only skated landscape boards for a long time. Anyone know of other uk brands that make flattish boards?

Keanu Robson quickly becoming one of my new favourites


Shame to see them go. Can’t say I’ve bought anything from them for a while, or even seen their boards very much, but it’s sad to know they’re not about anymore.

A real shame but I’m so stoked Joe put this video out before it ended.

The UK’s best.

They’ve seemed very quiet in terms of marketing for a long while, I wonder if this had been decided some time ago. Portraits is awesome, still have the VHS back at my parents house.

Joe Gavin without a board sponsor should be illegal… Where do we think the various riders will go from here?


Can see him on National

Keanu on Yardsale apparently


I bet we spoke to the same person today haha.

Haha nah I got a rumour thrown into a group chat yesterday.

Joe needs to do his own shit. I’d love it if he started his own brand.

Such a shame, still got my VHS copy of Portraits i would say that video and landscape in general pretty much shaped my skating throughout the 2000’s, Toby Shualls part especially!

look forward to watching the new one later, some top UK dudes.


I’m glad this is a thread and not just lost within “continually updated footage…”

Watched last night. How can you drop that and then close doors?
So weird, this was a really rad vid and should be hyping up for a new range of decks etc etc. Props on the vid though, really good.

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Whilst I agree that the above would be ace - the proliferation of UK brands is surely part of the reason that Landscape has gone, right?
Do we need any more really?
I’d rather see Joe on an existing brand where he gets his shine through someone else’s work and can just continue to put out amazing skateboarding.

Just my opinion though.


Maybe he could take Dom Henry’s old spot on Politic?

Or join Dom Henry on Skateboard Cafe?

Completely agree that there are too many but there is a severe lack of legit ones. I really only take a handful as serious UK board brands and anything Joe touches is gold haha.

Whatever happens, the dude needs his name on a board for years to come.