Latest forum updates

This thread for me keeping track of updates/changes to the forum. For those that want to see how the forum is evolving.

New topics get tweeted: Please follow/retweet if you’re into this kind of thing.

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New topics get posted to facebook here: Please ‘Like’ the page if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Installed an ad-serving plugin this morning. Will play with it probably later tonight so bear in mind if you see anything weird happening. Will try to keep it all as un-obtrusive as possible.

Changed ‘full name’ to not appear. So now your full name shouldn’t appear anywhere, just username.

Playing with amazon ads right now. Reply if it’s too obtrusive and will try to tone it down.

Ahhhhh… DARK MODE.
That’s better.

In dark mode, the text in the banner at the top is completely out of sight.
Perhaps a subtle colour would be better. Does make it “suitable for work” though.

Add: Not sure I like being corrected on my spelling of the word “colour” with the spell check option.
I am assuming that it is preferring to spell in US English rather than UK.
I feel quite strongly about the difference between UK and US spellings.

@Mush there isn’t a spellcheck in the forum software, I think it’s your browser doing that. Check your browser settings and turn it off.


This is what I see. Try logging on in private browser/incognito/safe browsing mode to see if it’s a cached image. This is work lurk dark though. I think dark mode yeah it will probably not show as I didn’t change the logo yet.

On that note I do have to re-do all the logos. Takes time and is boooooooring to do.

Spell check does in fact appear to be under the control of my star spangled Windows.

No worries bud

Shame I couldn’t get this working before the site went up as it will save a load of grief signing up: you can now use Instagram to (sign up and) log in.You will still need to register an email address though.

For those of you that have already made accounts, don’t try to sign up again with your instagram account as you’ll just create another forum account. Also I don’t think it will allow you to sign up with same email address twice.

This is mainly a benefit for new users coming from Instagram, or lurkers who haven’t posted yet.


You can now change themes on the fly from the hamburger menu top right of screen.

Added cookie bar: legal requirement.

Choc chip please barman

gotta love GDPR…

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Doing the lord’s work Spanky. Fair play - the forum’s wicked!

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