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Yes I can

Looks fine on desktop, on mobile (android/chrome) there’s a big “add a comment” box underneath that takes up a lot of space.

Testing (again)

Been really getting into welding pics


Still a bit of space at the bottom.

If anyone can interrogate the elements above to see if I can get rid of that white space with some CSS that’d be appreciated. Can only see it on mobile though. It does show up if you stick chrome in dev tools. If you hide the iframe it still shows, but I thought it’d be the iframe the generates the whitespace, so I’m not sure…

thanks mark!

I was going to ask about getting insta previews back but could see you had your hands full, stoked! Was getting sick of clicking on clips I’d already seen, first world problems.

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Or clicking on an insta link and it’s that French 360flip goon.

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@anonymity @judithpriest @deegwaad
Updated to latest beta release of the forum, and I think the scrolling problem may be fixed, but could you check for me pls?

Not fixed for me, I’m afraid. Still doing it.


Thanks @deegwaad still waiting for a fix from devs…

So far so good for me.

It was glitching to shit for me yesterday on my iPhone. First time ever. Then fine again.

What version of iOS have you got @judithpriest?

Rocking the 15.1.1

Apparently this issue has been fixed. Maybe try:

  • private browsing in safari as it might be a caching issue
  • if private browsing does fix it you might need to therefore zap your cache/cookies for this site for it to work

Nope, no dice. I reckon that developers probably think it’s not worth going that far back (12.5.5), as there will be so few people still using it. Worktime lurking only for me from now on.

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