Lee Ralph documentary 'Scratched' New Zealand's lost legend

Fuck it, I’m starting a thread for this as it’s not in the same league of content as modern day clips of people doing tricks.
I haven’t watched it yet but no doubt it will be interesting.


So stoked! I’ve been waiting years for this to come out. There have been so many delays with this I was resigned to the possibility of it never seeing the light of day.

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Ah, it appears it’s not the specific one I was waiting for, but welcome none the less.

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Its not that one you guys are thinking of.

It’s a short around his life produced by what looks like either a local magazine or some sort of NZ tourist board.

Quite nice, though. I enjoyed it.


It’s not the Muckmouth one, which is called ‘Barefoot: The Legend of Lee Ralph’.

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Fair - still better off here than buried in a thread with the latest Berrics video :wink:


Is that out?

I’d be surprised if they’d started it tbh.


That was good.
Another nail in Dorfman’s already dogshit reputation too.

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Enjoyed that.

Rare sighting of the legendary Gregor Rankine in there too!

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Here’s what the Barefoot guys have said in October last year:

Ok, ok, I get it. 9 years is a fucking long time… I could give loads of excuses about losing jobs, having my computer stolen in a burglary, running out of money, moving to the other side of the world, and having my brain lobotomised, but I won’t. No need. No need. Shouldn’t have to. Very long story short - it’s all those reasons, plus a sprinkle of me being an absolutely useless cunt.

I’ve had death threats from Spittle, plus thousands of other messages about the film “just finish it ya prick!”, “put it out half edited if you have to, fuck”, “oi wanker, release the film, I need to see it, I’ve been waiting a decade!”, “I’m going to kill you, you English tosser”, “HURRY THE FUCK UP” Etc.

So yeah, here is where we are at: I WILL have an actual update for you all very soon, I promise. The film IS definitely happening. It IS looking really fucking good. It IS currently being edited and worked on. And I AM sorry to everyone (especially you, Lee!) for how long this has taken. I’m not evil, I’m just not very good at making films (luckily all the editors I’ve been through are fucking excellent though!)

Lee Ralph, I love you man. Please don’t hate me. Barefoot - The Lee Ralph Story coming soon…ish!


What a legend, so hyped to finally see the barefoot documentary sometime in the near future! Such a character. Found it pretty funny too that even after he himself being like ‘I wanted to be better than everyone, I wanted to be the best’ several times his mate was like ‘he didn’t care about being the best he just wanted to skate’. Such a classic skate documentary trope.

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That was good.

Back in 89 or 90, I went to skate the just completed Hastings vert ramp. Lee Ralph was skating along with Steve Douglas and Bod Boyle plus assorted locals. While Bod was a great skater with a massive bag of tricks and consistency, Lee Ralph was altogether different. Everything was full on. The stand out for me was his frontside airs: about four feet high, but they travelled about four panels from side to side. His Madonna’s were massive as well. He did a few reverts which was new at the time.

Looked like a madman with his ginger beard, best and bone neckless!


I thought he was a nutter but he seems to have it together despite his appearance.

Good bloke.

Always loved this shot from Mountain Manor (with Bod open mouthed in disbelief). Absolutely mental/ There’s also another one from the Church in Glasgow, but I can’t find it


Found it. Just pure power!


Seem to remember another pic of him, think it was at hastings, doing some kind of straight leg indy, might be with yellow helmet on

Whilst we’re at it, here’s a pic of me licking Lee Ralph’s fake tits CMOAC


One for the grandkids. Chefs kiss

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