Lois Pendlebury as 'The Shepherdess'

Made by Percy Dean. Really well put together.

Easy to daydream about going off grid and opting out of the rat race, but it is really brave to actually live it. Pretty inspiring.


Ace really enjoyed that. , was thinking about her and some of the other female spearheads of the 2010’s the other day.

That was great. Percy really makes good videos…

Yeah this is amazing. Had a sneak peek few weeks back to reassure Percy that Lois would be stoked on it, which she obviously is.
Stoked to have some skate footage in here.
Lois kills it. Percy does too.

I’m pretty much in awe of Lois. One of the coolest people ever.

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Top lass. That was great!

That was rad, what a human!

Lois is amazing.

I watched this twice last night with my eldest son. He loved it.