Loose trucks

Bones bushings always felt like they add a “spring” to your turning and just generally speed up the responsiveness of the truck.

When I switched to Ace 55’s recently, I was intent on riding the stock bushings, as I had read that bones didn’t work so well. I wasn’t really planning on a new board either, so didn’t have any to hand. After 30 minutes of carving and speeding around my street, I just couldn’t get the balance between looseness, control and the trucks not getting stuck in position with the bushing spilling out over the washer. So in the end, I harvested a 10+ year set of bones from some trucks I found in a box and they immediately made the trucks about 10x better.

As for the topic at hand, I ride my trucks loose-ish, but not wobbly loose.


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What was the UK video Gunner(?) did… ‘Loose trucks and two smoking bearings’?