Loose trucks

Who here skates with loose trucks?
After years of skating tight trucks I got some Ace AF1s. Found the stock bushings super-soft and almost gave up on them. But after a couple of weeks I’ve come round to riding loose. I feel like my balance has got better since I made the switch, but maybe I’m imagining that.

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Loose trucks for me too, my balance and flow are so much better for it. My ankles are much stronger than they used to be, I’ve hardly tweaked them in the last 4/5 years if at all which wasn’t the case before I stopped skating back in 2007/8.

I was riding ventures back then and only now do I realise what a bag of shit they were for turning , especially when they were tight, probably explains the ankle tweaks .

So it’s loose indys all the way now, wouldn’t go back .

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I now ride ace classics loose with medium bones bushings. At the skatepark last night I loosened up my trucks up quite a bit as my mate advised who has the same trucks and it was more fun. I don’t think I’ll go back to medium/tight trucks.

Loose trucks ftw

I ride bones soft rubbers with thunder hangars loose enough to rattle around, they touch wheel wells with your finger

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If it ain’t tight it ain’t right.
Feel drunk if they’re too loose.


I hate loose trucks, both skating and watching someone with too loose trucks.

Personally I can’t even Ollie if my trucks are too loose, it’s nice to carve around on, but I otherwise literally lose the small bag of tricks I still have if they’re too loose.


Mine are not loose at all, but I have loosened them a touch. Too loose and I feel like the board is just flopping back and forth while I try and pop


I like em loose. Not so loose they rattle (like Daewon) but loose. Soft Bones bushings, bolt finger tight then a quarter turn to keep it snug.

He can do what we wants of course but having them that loose just seems ridiculous to me, surely it defeats the object being that far removed from how they’re designed to work!

How tight is two threads showing on top of the kingpin?

Indy 11 with Indy 90a mediums and nut flush. Not ‘loose’ but turny.

Edit - I have Bones mediums in some older stage 10’s, running a bit tighter on those trucks.

venture 5.8s, supercush 88a bushings, flat washer on the top.

basically a half turn away from being rattly loose. works nice for me, able to turn/carve well, still have stability for popping etc. queue the “ventures dont turn” discourse.

Too tight


I have been thinking, maybe these are too tight at the moment

Mine look like that but I don’t run the metal things, just Bones bushings.

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Hand tighten the nut, then give it a little turn with a tool. Basically as loose as I can set them up without the rattle. Can’t stand on a board with tight trucks, find it rate weird.

I don’t think I’ve ever changed the bushings that come with trucks. What benefit do bones bushings give?

I find it a nicer turn.
In fact fuck what I said, bones bushings makes it feel looser whilst tight trucks.
Or that’s what I find.

Just feels very smooth. Always ran them for as long as I can remember. Maybe 10 years, same with Aces.