Lost skateboard media

Inspired by HH’s comments in the AVE’s bench thread.
Here’s a place for pre WiFi/Insta etc online content that fell through the cracks.
When Mpora died, loads of UK stuff disappeared - I have some and will put in here.

Also any other obscure etc stuff - feel free to add.

First up episode 1 of a 3-part Blueprint Skateboards ‘Tales of the Black Glove’ MFWTCB premiere tour series.
Will upload the rest soon.


Forum OG appearances a-plenty


Obviously not ‘lost’ per se since they’re on YouTube but in shocking quality. Always loved these two little Crail edits


Rad - Crail were so further ahead than any other brand with web content - crazy how they fell off after a while.

Ty Evans too - was it skatefairy that he used to do?


Yeah Skate Fairy was Ty Evans.

So much good Quicktime content almost daily on the old site where it had like 8 ‘panes’ with different columns in each.

I know it was released as a DVD but Super Champion Funzone had a proper blog feel to it as well. Way ahead of its time


I guess this qualifies as I had to rip it from VHS so that it existed on the Internet.

Accompanying Mike Manzoori interview about this 1994 classic here.


Original Clown Skateboards team video with Chris Oliver, young Benny Fairfax, Mathias Nylen, Simon Skipp etc

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I reclaimed my copy of S&V in order to digitise it; that evening, i get home to discover it had been digitised.
thanks Anon/ hyped!


was looking for the McNatt 20 Shot footage the other day; video removed from the Vimeo account. bah

I remember Lakai always had regular videos on the first or 2nd version of podcasts on iTunes/iPod


They did, I used to regularly watch those.

These were my favourites:


does anyone know where i can watch this? turns out the person who uploaded it on vimeo has made it private. was wondering if anyone could find another place to watch it online? "The Point Seven 5ive Video" (2001) - with...
it was originally on disc so if anyone owns an disc and can scan it that would be awesome

Was it not VHS? I’ve got a Point Seven Five video on VHS.

yes it was on VHS, my bad. i havent been able to find a digital version as im not looking to skim the internet for a tape