Lovenskate's "Tea and Bisquits" - Jorden Thackary & Alex Hallford madness



Straight into the wizard thread.

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Yeah, for sure!

That was well good.

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So good I’ve liked it in both threads

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No mention of trouser selection just yet.


Didn’t notice!

JK, ridic troosers but I don’t care, so much good to take my eye off them.

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Love a mini ramp section, that was brilliant

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Can I get a No Lanyard confirmation before I press play please?

That was a sturdy teapot.

Fuck me that was utterly incredible. I’m going back in for more. Jesus fuck that was good.


These guys are going to go places

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Isn’t Hallford in our Olympic team too?
Where is he from?
Becuase I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of early footage from Flo park in Notts.
Long time since I’ve seen JT footage either.
He looked really straight legged on street but his tranny skills are top notch.

If you are Insta, he is a good follow. doesn’t post tons, but when he does, it is usually amazing.

Well that was a bit nuts. Saw Alex post this a few months back. Very wizard worthy.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to skate a mini as much as I do now.

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Hes from notts aye

Bloody L, that was marvelous.

Watched this three times already. Damn.

Shout out to Neil Turner for putting this together. He spent a lot of freezing nights in Flo over the winter filming this. The music’s by a local Notts skater too which is really rad.