Lucien Clarke project

Skating in skate shoes is a gimmick? I’d say what Ferg does is more of a ‘gimmick’, but if people are able to wear what they want and make it look rad, what’s the problem?

DC or no DC I am pretty sure Tiago would run the same style of kit


You’ve seen him wear shoes that have made him become sketchy? Got any evidence to back that up with?! I can’t stand the original Legacy’s either but that’s besides the point.

If they wanted to pay me to skate in those I’d sign up straight away and if any friends of mine were to get the same deal I’d be the first to celebrate with them! It’s not really about that for me though, I’d just rather see a pro whose skating I like skate to their best ability. Penny has done much the same thing wearing those Muska Skytop horrors.

I think it’s dope that Lucien has actually made it into a really strong and tasteful side of fashion. I’m not totally clued up on the fashion world but I know what I like within it, and the mags/campaigns I’m into are increasingly showcasing people like him. He’s self made too right? Like, he wasn’t born into that shit! I think it’s rad af and even tho I kinda feel like those chunky bois are slightly a bit awkward on him I’d rather see him in them than supras haha.

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I got to agree that the LV shoes are reeking and make his skating look worse. All power to him blah, blah, blah but I’m not in to them. More toe drag and less board control. Sawrry.

Yeah there’s loads of footage of Tiago in big DCs that shows how they have blunted his control. Watch his Slides & Grinds runs this year vs last for example.

I mean obviously he’s Tiago Lemos so he can get away with it…but watch the board bounce off his feet on landings, watch for the tricks he misses where you need more feel, see how he changes his bag of tricks up, etc…

False apologies are the worst. “Sorry, but…” only really works if the person saying it is any kind of authority. Like a cancer doctor or something. Nobody ordinary needs to offer insincere apologies for their opinion, people aren’t offended by it, they can just disagree with it or ignore it. It just comes across as “I know everything about this, so this is the final word on the topic”.

“…makes me happy” really riles me too, but maybe that’s because of Dame Kelly Hart.


Makes me happy, but look at the second ollie. SORERY!


He has started to do the Penny arm too in that clip, it’s the shoes! THE SHOES! haha.

Makes that board look like a 7.5"

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That’s a super Koston style swizz heel. Nice.

Just watched them (what a terrible chore that was) and I think blunted control is pushing it myself but then those shoes aren’t as big as those LV things.

None of it really matters and neither of them are going to be cruising this forum and changing their gear based on what others say but I guess it’s just a sign of the times. Skating in crazy looking shoes is just this year’s skating in crazy looking trousers, all a bit Nathan Barley but oh well :man_shrugging:

They remind me of these.

He can pull it off. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t.

I don’t really want Tiago to change his shoes…I don’t mind it, but I do prefer the way he skates in his own pro model. I’ll be interested to see if he keeps the chunky retro shoes in the Olympics.

You should have seen it around the turn of the millenium mate.

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Tiago ain’t qualifying for the Olympics.

Take your point but I don’t remember anyone skating in the Air Max 97’s or Jordan 3’s at that time though!

To digress entirely, people traditionally clapping skate tricks as in that clip or simply shaking hands after a total hammer (see Gershon Mosley in the Reason for this) should be next year’s trend for sure.

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