Lucien Clarke project

Wonder what this is. Am guessing clothing:

In a recent interview he alluded that he’s working on something with Virgil Abloh so it might be that.

I thought the Virgil stuff was also with YSL?

Nah, Louie Vuitton. Here’s the interview:

That’s what I meant my bad

Who gives an actual fuck. Good luck to the guy and all but looking like skateboarding’s zoolander is not something that should be concerning of most skaters. In my opinion of course, maybe skaters now ARE into this shit?


Yeah, he must be doing well so good for him.

Makes no difference to me personally, but I am stoked for him that he getting to do all this stuff and use skateboarding as the vehicle for it.

Nah that’s Stevie Williams.


It’s all making for some pretty cringeworthy photos and those current moonboots aren’t helping his skating but his Palace section was banging so don’t care that much.

If it was some US pro doing all that he’d probably be dissed to death on this side of the pond however. Oh well.

Have Lucien and Rory sacked off HRS footwear? Can’t see much recent connection between them online recently.

Good decision if they have. They made one show and it was a $200 dollar loafer.

They’re doing it absolutely no harm as far as I can tell. And they look dope. Fuck a plimsoll.

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Yeah because you have to rock £800 moonboots over plimsolls to protect your feet…

and as for no harm:

If you say so, but I didn’t see any of that kind of sketchiness before he was wearing those. Maybe he’ll get used to them at some point.

Jesus that frontside nollie swizz krizza is just absolute 100% perfection.

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Put a toe down didn’t he? Pretty sure the one he chucked a heelpflip into in Palasonic was much better either way.

Got to be careful with those high tops I completely fucked my ankle wearing big chunky hi’s

They make him look like he’s in 1989 aged 14 with his 17 year old bro’s LA gear on.

He’s definitely just about managing in them, you can get used to anything with skill like he has but i’m pretty sure they are not helping him be as peak as he could be.

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If Louis Vuitton want to pay Lucien to skate in £800 shoes, and he’s happy to skate in them, then more power to him. I’m happy to see him not landing everything perfectly (and this is instagram clips, remember?)

I feel the same way about Tiago skating in massive DCs but instagram needs content so everyone’s gotta have a gimmick I guess.