Mad Mark Baker podcast/interview 1970s UK Skate royalty

Just seen this pop up so thought it deserved a thread as it will no doubt be mental.
For those that don’t know the name - Mark Baker was the UK’s answer to Tony Alva in the 70s and has lived a truly insane life.

Will watch and post on a bit.


nice, just starting this
Spotify podcast link:

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His life is a movie waiting to happen honestly.

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I’m sure I’ve read/watched an interview with him before somewhere. Definitely remember the NY club era stories

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He had a really good interview in Juice once before, conducted by OG Steve Olson.
EDIT: I’ve just copy/pasted it below

Re Mark Baker.

I’ve posted this in a different thread before but this interview/story is absolutely fucking mental and deserves a reup.

Apologies for the slight tangent but this seems like a good place to put this and I love stuff from the ‘elder era’.

Here’s Alva and the UK’s own 70’s skate superstar ‘Mad’ Mark Baker in Southport of all places in 1978.

From what I remember Mark Baker moved to the States and became a very famous party organiser in New York.

His story is interesting and touches on Alva’s significance at the time from a UK perspective.

Mad Mark Baker interview by Steve Olson: Villainy and Aristocracy from Brighton to Bali – Juice Magazine]!


Really enjoyed that. I was really into MMB as a kid in the 1970s. Heard lots of stories over the years. His skating at the time lived up to the hype.

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