Magee/Parrott Interview about Cover Version



Just finished reading, it’s fucking hilarious. Magee may as well have started waterboarding people


Motivational waterboarding.

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Haha totally worth a read, the korahn story about his dream is so good. Gets me stoked on life.

If I knew Magee i’d probably think he’s a right bellend but one I really like haha. We all know one.


Magee is a good person.

Hands down the best videographer in the UK. Filmed and Edited some cult classics thats for sure.

You can be a bellend a good person and very likeable all at the same time.



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I meant anyone, overall but you could definitely attribute it to you personally too :wink:

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Really like all the rules they’ve put in place when they’ve made this. Hoping to inspire others to do the same. And the idea of the cover versions of tricks that have gone before. Really looking forward to seeing it tomorrow night. I’ve taken a day off work and travelling up from Cornwall, so it better be good!!
I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

Yes! This this this


Second Broadcast? Hyped. Wish I was able to go to the prem

It better have depressing music and grim spots

And minimal south bank footage

They pretty much say that in the interview. That’s too ‘Palace’ haha.

It’s like skateboarding’s version of Dogme95

Magee cried at Manny Lopez doing a back lip.

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That’d be rad. All filmed in one black room with nothing but a dinner table in the centre. No special lighting, no superficial actions.
You could also bring in Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’?
What would your closest friend do?
What to increase? What to reduce?
Honour thy error as a hidden intention.
Ask your body.
Work at a different speed.

I’ve got to get that. Really rate Eno’s ideas even though he’s probably horribly into himself, Brian Ego

Actually they are online