Mano A Mano - 2019

Anyone else watching?

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Literally just finished watching them all. Kind of wished they had a new selection of peeps as they are kind of repeating the same tricks as last year.
I really like Jake Wooten though, he’s insane on transition.

Watched them all last night before bed. Really fun!

Super stoked on that. Thanks!

Jake Wooten is 300 times better than D-Vargz.




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What’s awful? His trousers? The plain white hat? His arms? That back foot? The exaggerated fake steeze? Ah, all of that. Yeah, right.


Ah, I was thinking we must be due a new one.
Will give it a watch… cheers!

It’s interesting to see people skate mini ramp, but people’s abilities are so diametrically opposed, there’s little competitiveness, it comes down to who misses setting tricks etc.


I’d love to see Tim take a run. He must still have some skills.

Tim O’Connor is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing mini ramp skaters of all time

The fact he does an early grab Roast Beef body varial to tail… Stinkkkkkking.

Daniel Vargas is a difficult watch.

He stinks and his tricks are all shit.

Does anyone else think this mini ramp looks massively unappealing to skate? It’s steep, slippery looking and has coping that seems to hangup every single time.

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I think it looks amazing to skate but it’s too big for me ha

I thought that ramp looked amazing!

I like the way they alternate, but it would be good to see a proper game of add-a-trick, where you end up with a really difficult run.


Add a trick, best game ever.


@pigdog237 fuck it. Lets meet up over Christmas and go session a mini. Is there a nice spine ramp anywhere where we could go?

That ramp would be too big for me too. Quite like the sound that cross-hatched coping makes though.

That blunt nose smash frontside revert was so ill.

Fuck those guys that can’t set tricks without their hands.