Mano a Mano 2023

It’s back. A few out so far but crob bringing some cringe worthy commentary in this one …


They’re all pretty fucking annoying and the format is dumb but some of the skating is sick so I’ll still watch it :laughing:

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Yeah the commentary is so bad, but the tricks are rad. Pretty sure they didn’t even bother talking about the tricks in one of the episodes.

That was funny, ‘ oh okay you do another switch flipper I’ll just put a revert on the egg plant ‘ wasn’t moody just two totally different approaches. Big fan of Jessie.

Eli Williams is very good

Happily just have Mike Sinclair chatting over it. The other two pricks can fuck off. Crob grates so hard and the other geezer who I can’t remember is so awful on the tampa commentaries

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Tim O’Connor - I don’t mind him.

Crobs such a bellend.

“How do you know if you are blue or red?”

“Your name is on it.”

Eli Williams’ skating is always pleasing to the eye.

Fairly sure it was him making the terrible French jokes at tampa

Tim Oconnor has been an unfunny dickhead for about 20 years now and hasnt shown any evidence he’s planning to turn that around any time soon


French jokes?

I forget the context but they were giving it the whole “baguette, baguette, croissant” speil when someone French was riding. It was so cringe I almost turned inside out

Ah that’s pretty whack.

Impressed with Jake Yanko. Proper tricks/steeze


Can skateboarding somehow get rid of Tim O’Connor for good…


He is so fucking annoying isn’t he. And a shit commentator. Him and Crob are such a terrible combo.


Yup retract my previous comment of not minding him.


Finals are up:

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