Mark Suciu- Verso

That jenkem review is next level. Good companion to the part because its OTT and ridiculously detailed. I love in depth analysis


Watched it again.

My favourite trick is the ledge backlip to boardslide at Flushing Meadows.
The front board pretzel up the rail is splendid too. So is the frontside nollie flip fakie wheelie fakie ollie into the bank in Spain. How do you even think of that?
The mirrored lines at Waller are mental. Love the bouncy fakie crooks in the second one.
Body shapes when he lands that switch flip backtail shove in Milan, wow.

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i think @franc is in love

A ten minute part and it still leaves you wanting more, yet has everything…
So many “Woah!” moments, I’m sly watching at work and having to refrain from smiling too much, people put too much weight on SOTY but surely, surely it has to be him?!

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I’m not even going there, it’s too hard at this point, so much goodness.

I totally am. Dude’s been killing it for over a decade and he’s kept on getting better and better. He makes Street League watchable. Fair enough.
I’m a skate rat and seeing someone put that much thought and dedication into a project is something I admire.

I mean (taken from Slap):

I’m pretty sure I’ll still watch this part in 10 years, like I still watch Gonz in Video Days or PJ Ladd in the Coliseum vid.


This, fucking this!

“Forget for now the tropes of the modern skate video. There is no zoom into Mark’s face. There are no brushes with security or pedestrians. No fingernails, no heaving ogre growls of slow-motioned cheers. Verso is serif fonts and modulations of pace.”


i still find it really odd that he’s in SLS. completely wrong fit but yeah a joy to watch

It was my fav after 1 viewing and still is after 4.
I have a thing for weird combos that don’t work on paper but are magical if done at the right spot, by the right person, with style.
The fact that he overturns the boardslide and does that switch 180 to get out of the ledge is dope, reminds me of early 90s skating, and fuck doing that after a backlip!


Ok. I am going to rewatch this.
I am a fan of Suicu. His Cross Continental part is incredible.

Here’s the bit where I lose friends.

I thought the filming made him look slow.
I felt the music also added to this.
I don’t remember him being a slow skater.
I’m sure he isn’t.

Even the incredibly awkward ledge stuff - which is amazing - felt like I wasn’t really “in there”. Which is what I like to feel from a video.

I’ll rewatch.

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I agree somewhat with @Londonskater.

I’m rewatching but only to morbidly dissect the tricks being done and to understand/appreciate them better (for example, no idea if half of them are reg or switch). The jenkem article will add to this. His style is completely unremarkable to me, in that it edges just far enough away not to be clinical, but is still in same ballpark.

Jesus, I mean it’s an amazing section and to give him minus points for something as subjective as style is pretty gnarly. I didn’t even listen to the music, had it on mute.

I’m not as sensitive to fillming/editing style as some people on this forum. But for me, it’s the same, unremarkable and totally delivers (and that’s not a bad thing).

Will rewatch now.

I don’t care that much but I didn’t miss face zooms, shoe zooms and the subtle yet creative and badass spliff shots.


Fuck I hate face zooms


Especially when they include acne.


Or the gurn face

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I think Bill’s vids and this cater for different crowds.

The pace was the biggest suprise for me, when you click and see it’s a ten minute video you then expect a minute of faff at the beginning with all the face shot crap, a slow down in the middle with more faff, double or triple angles of everything, and then 2 minutes of credits, but as the Jenkem thing mentions Nyjahs part had no where near as many tricks in, this was just trick,trick,trick and a lot has to be said for the filming.

His pace, the actual speed he skates, I think seems slower because of how flowing his tricks are, I certainly don’t think he’s skating slowly, but then conversely some of the stuff is so quick footed that I think it gives the illusion he’s going slower, coupled with the music I can see where you’re coming from.

He’s never been a powerful skater, the epitomy of Habitat style to AVEs Workshop style.

When I normally watch these 10 minute videos I wish someone would edit them down to five minutes, didn’t get that feeling with this at all. I really want to go skateboarding now, and that’s the sign of a great video for me.

Suciu and playground love by air. What’s not to love.

I need to watch it again. By baby was scragging my face through most of it last night.

I for one am glad this wasn’t filmed by Fat Bill. The skateboarding is the focus, not the outfit, not the passers-by, not the skater’s face…and that’s ok with me.

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With this, his Dime stuff, and the likelihood of another full part before the time, I think we’ve got ourselves a SOTY. Assuming it can’t be won twice in a row.