Matlok Bennett-Jones

New pro part for Pass-Port x


I want to change my uksoty vote to MBJ.
Really sick section with variety and some serious ‘BOSH’ moments throughout.

His wallie to ride in ender is a few roads from my childhood home and can’t be done justice on any camera. The bollocks on him to wallie over the rail and look down the bank and commit to going in are massive.
I’m 6ft and everytime I walk past it, it’s intimidating just to consider- definitely more than a stories height to ride down


That was incredible, never seen much footage of him before and always knew he was good but didn’t know he was gnarly like that too. That line with the two ollies, lipslide then back 3 and front heel over the handrail really surprised me, such a well rounded part and much deserved pro status. Also big up for skating to Ministry

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Tasteful. Bravo!

How did he land this from here?! Backfoot placement madness!

That really made me want to go skate.


Yeah, that line at subway 9 with the lipslide to back 360 down the steps after was v good.

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Much deserved pro status indeed.
Some gnarly stuff on crusty British spots and a solid ledge game too, backtail back 270 kickflip out is some special shit.

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that was amazing - he’s been fairly low key killing it for ages, nice to see a longer high profile part. Pro status well deserved. Passport always seemed like a slightly random company for him to be on though… if it means more footy then more power tbh

Yeah, I’ve been there a few times to that spot…and I know a lot of heavies have looked at it. Doing that with the heelflip beforehand is fukkked.
…and then there is the fifty fifty in Ilford on the rail which is cut off. That’s insane. Again, heavy people have claimed that isn’t possible.

Matlock rules. Stoked to see this.

It feels like it’s resulted in less footage, this part not withstanding. He didn’t have a full part in Kitsch, for instance. I always wondered if not being in Australia hindered his involvement with the brand.

Anyways, very sick part. Great mix of tricks and spots.



The Sheff subway line is just fucking incredible. Can’t believe he did that.

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Yer I mean Iv been there numerous times never seen anyone hit the whole thing. Mental.

That was sick.

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@navitronic where we you before Oz move?

Went to uni in Sheffield, was in London for a bit too, but hailed from the southwest between Plymouth/Exeter

My mother’s maiden name is Smith.

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His stuff in this is amazing too, 5 mins in.


You are a very underrated guitar player from Maiden, then?

Kitsch was fantastic and is very rewatchable (like any vid Pass~Port make).
Really into Callum Paul’s section too (starts at 21.00).

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Ha no?! I have no musical ability whatsoever.

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