Memorable skate mag quotes

Big booted Bill Banforth boes a buntside bifty bifty

Jason Lee jumps like a flea

Henry Rollins, sweat pouring off his torso, in nothing but his shorts… I didn’t 'alf fancy him

(All from Skateboard! I think) You know the kind of thing…

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The Godoy brothers: 2 dudes, 1 brain.


Magnetically charged to help you land better kickflips!

“You can grow into the head, but you can’t grow out of the nickname.”

  • Manhead’s Haunts from Sidewalk 168.

Skate, skate, skate like fuck, into the side of a ten ton truck
Skate, skate, skate like fuck, into the side of a big dog muck

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Cheggers, Maggie and a slap up baggie.

“The red hoody must have been in the wash the day Sean fakie flipped these stairs”

The trick might have been different, but in Sean Smith’s haunts he wore a red DC hoody in every photo but one where he had a khaki T-shirt.
I think he was fakie flipping the stairs at the MK theatre.

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And the cry was “shitting hell!”


Speed. Compress. Bic!

Hella fresh spangly alien!


Slidey hat surprise

nollington heels

sheepdog nose-finger


I spoke to Ozzy, we’re allowed to say righteous again

If it wasn’t for the gap, Terry would deem this crooked grind unacceptable

Real G’s don’t scrape their tail

Main things that stuck in my mind were the trick descriptions in Steve Douglas’ letters from America of whatever it was called.

Like ‘Ed Templeton impossible to lipslide on a bench’. And ‘Fred Olande backside disaster to smith to rock and roll’.