Mental health and parenting thread

Hi peeps

Had a suggestion pm’d that we make the mental health and parenting thread only visible to members (eg not visible to people who aren’t signed in) as it contains information some people could regard as sensitive.

So I’ve actioned this request, I think it’s a good idea.

Any comments or feedback please feel free to reply or pm me.


Good shout, nice one

Yer wish it had been like that for a year.

So, use those threads as normal and this one is just to let people know?

Yes. And for any feedback.

I hadn’t thought of this! My god the thought of what I have written being seen by the person involved is alarming but at this stage unavoidable.
Although, it would be seen that I have been 100% honest and understanding.

Ha, I once asked Anon to delete my account from the old forum after I went mental on there a few times. He said no so I went through my old posts and deleted loads manually. So cringe reading some of them back.
I’m quite glad it got nuked just in case I missed any!

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Yep, sounds like a good plan.

Thread locked as was for info only basically

Added some other requirements to be able to see these topics. Regular contributors will most likely fulfil these requirements. Thread locked (again).