MK Skate exhibition and associated website now live

Most of you will have probably seen references to this on Instagram over the last few months but as of yesterday it’s all live and ready to view.

Long story short: Heritage Fund UK have backed this project to celebrate MK’s place in global skate history and the exhibition currently open at Centre:MK (8 Sunset Walk) and the associated web site are just the first phase of this excellent project.

You can visit the exhibition anytime from this weekend (full opening hours and info on their website) - it definitely worth a look with photography spanning 30+ years, loads of ephemera related to MK, videos, etc etc.

In a similar vein to the recent success at Southbank - the MK Skate project is a testament to the coming-of-age of skate culture and as such huge pats on the back are deserved by all those involved.

Check their site here:

Lots more to come over the next 12 months


Here’s some of the mainstream media coverage from this week. (second video - 19 mins in)

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Calipe must be stoked. Saw him at bay66 about a year ago, became a professional dancer or something

This is rad! I really like the website too, don’t see anything like this anymore since everything’s chucked on insta with a massive copy and paste caption.

Props to all involved! I kind of forgot how impactful MK was in the Buzy era and it already had history to go with it, I’m sure everyone went to the Pritchard set and thought fuck that!

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Yeah propr sick, big repsect to nate and all the lads involved

Should be heading over Friday night if anyone’s about

This is a great project. Hopefully other cities will take note.

Those little videos on the site are cool.