Most comfortable skate shoes.

Skate shoes in general are not comfortable or well cushioned compared to a technical running shoe for example.
As an older skater I get a lot of foot injuries and I’m after a good shoe. We take a lot of abuse to our feet in bails, falls, etc. I always wear down a hole in the sole of my lead foot and this is a common wear spot for most skaters. I’ve had injury in the ball of my lead foot. It is definitely a pressure point.
I’ve tried most shoes from Vans, Nike SB, Emerica, Etnies and currently Adidas. Like an old man I’ve started to replace the insole of my skate shoes with a thicker, gel padded one. This helps but it’s still not great.
What are your opinions for comfort?

I like comfort, but I’ve had insoles that have full cushion air in them, and it’s too much. I can’t feel the board and my foot feels like it’s rocking around, less stable.
Since eS made it’s comeback, I’ve been skating in the Accel Slim, so that’s all I’ve skated in the last 6 years. I do use an older insole, as it seems like they cut back at some point and put a really cheap insole in them, so I just used the old one. The look like they’ve gone back to the good one again now though. Before eS, I’ve been skating in Vans HalfCab with a super slim Emerica insole for probably 10 years before that. I don’t think I’ve worn a technical/thicker shoe since early 2000’s DVS.
I’m 46, so I’m not jumping down anything. Still get bruised feet from primo landed flips etc and I’ve got something weird going on with the ball of my pushing/back foot that won’t let me stretch the big toe properly, but that’s part of skateboarding. I think boardfeel is more important than comfort for me.

100% any Nike SB with a Free sole unit. So:

  • Nike SB Free Premium (or ‘PRM’)
  • Nike SB Nyjah Free

The Nyjah was the last one released IIRC but I’ve had 2x or the PRMs before and they are the most incredibly comfortable ones I’ve ever had. And that’s across 30+ years of skating. If I see any in my size and in a non-horrific colourway I’ll def be getting some more. Nyjahs can be found in sale now so might be able to get pick some up cheap. As far as I remember the PRMs fit true to size.

I had a set of the Gamechanger insoles, where you stick them in microwave and let them set to your feet but I found them too chunky with less boardfeel than I like.

I use these , they’ve been a game changer


Thanks for the suggestions.

It’s nice to know I’m not alone with the foot ailments.

I was going to say, Footprint insoles have made a massive difference to me. Well worth the money. depending on how much you skate they last from around five months to a year, but don’t buy the fancy ones you put in the oven or anything like that. Just get the more basic ones, which if you click on that link should be the first insoles you see. Seriously, everyone should be using them. I’ve told young guys to start wearing them as they could potentially add years onto your skating. They changed things for me quite dramatically.

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