Music heads, please help

Cuntflambe here, just popped in for some advice and to see if anyone has any links or ideas.

I am looking for a couple of artists/vocalists/rappers who have interesting takes/delivery of social commentary who could help with an interesting project. Ideally I want Sue Tompkins and someone like Jehst or of that ilk. This forum has people who know people who know people etc… so is this pie in the sky? or do any forumers have links to said folk or artists with great, interesting social impact?
Looks towards Anon/Builda initially :wink:

Thank you

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the idea of Anon and Build going head to head/ bar for bar has blown my mind


Anyone got any pointers? please
Not sure how much new accounts can do, couldn’t PM straight away but PM’d anon, hopefully you got it.

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Hello mate.
Toby Paterson would have a direct route to Sue Tompkins through art world.
I’ll message him.

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Equally, Joe Gavin is friends with Jehst.
Fire me an email via PM and I’ll try


Amazing, PM’d